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Grace Galapagos Cruise

Cruise the Galapagos on Princess Grace Kelly's Honeymoon Yacht 

As if cruising the Galapagos Islands weren’t already a dream, imagine doing so aboard Princess Grace Kelly’s Honeymoon yacht. The Grace Galapagos cruise is an exquisite experience for guests who will appreciate the history of her decks as they follow Charles Darwin’s footsteps through the archipelago. With an attentive crew, ample social areas, and lovely atmosphere, the Grace Galapagos cruise is in a league of her own. Originally born in 1928, the Grace was constructed in Southampton, England

with the original name of Monica. Since then, she has had several names and owners, and traveled quite a bit before being conscripted for the British war effort in 1939. After playing a key role in several battles, she transitioned into an annex of the Royal Navy Hospital, sailing with a red cross painted on her sides and upper deck. After the war, Sir Winston Churchill himself cruised on her, though she was eventually returned to Southampton in 1945 for restoration. 

When her owner, Sir George Tilley, died in 1951, she began a high life on the high seas. Aristotle Onassis’ charter firm acquired her and renamed her Arion, until two years later when the yacht became property of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco- a wedding gift from Aristotle Onassis. The royal couple honeymooned along the coasts of Corsica and Sardinia with her, until she was purchased by a Monegasque businessman in 1960. Traveling through the Caribbean until 2007, she finally became available for purchase again, tempting some of the highest bidders from around the world, including Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft). 


Quasar Expeditions luckily acquired her, spent two years restoring the yacht from the ground up, and outfitted her with the latest equipment to accommodate modern needs. Today, she carries guests through the enchanting Galapagos, easily the most elegant and tasteful vessel in the archipelago. 


Despite her rich and varied history, she bears none of the weathering of such a life, only the intriguing history. Her decks are as decadent and perfect as ever, just as her namesake, Grace Kelly. 


The Grace Galapagos cruise accommodates an intimate gathering of just 18 guests, despite being an ample 145 ft. Her cabins vary, beginning with Premium Staterooms on the Carolina Deck. These rooms offer a choice of 2 twin beds or a queen, with one room housing both a twin bed and a queen (perfect for families).  


Up on the Albert Deck, Twin Suites offer beautiful windows out to sea, and 2 twin beds that can convert to 1 queen. For even more space, reserve one of the full beam Master Suites, the two finest cabins on the ship. 


All Staterooms and Master Suites have individual AC controls, safe boxes, telephones, and plenty of storage space for clothing and luggage. Private bathrooms include all of the modern amenities you need, such as a walk-in shower, vanity, shampoo, conditioner, soap and hair dryers. 


Lovely as the cabins are, the real gems can be found in the unique and spacious social areas. Walk the outer corridor around the Grace, which offers access to a 360 degree view of your surroundings. On the sun deck, relax in the al-fresco lounge, perfect for enjoying a freshly-crafted cocktail or beverage from the bar as you soak in the scenery. Elegant chaise lounges offer a place for sunbathing, though some guests prefer the Jacuzzi. One of the most private and special places onboard, the stern resting area is another favorite.

It still houses the original 1927 wheel, and a collection of chairs with an unobstructed view off the back of the boat.


From those looking to get out of the ocean breeze for a bit, the main saloon offers an elegant indoor area for relaxing. Daily briefings by the naturalist guides are held here, however multimedia equipment and educational books enable guests to learn about the Galapagos any time of day. The Monaco Deck also has a reception area with staff ready to assist you, and the dining area.


Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style on the Grace Galapagos cruise, while dinner is served in the dining room or on the al fresco patio. Special menus for those with dietary restrictions can be accommodated, just make sure to let us know beforehand. Families will love the special children’s menus, available during the Family Oriented departures. 


With 12 crew members total for the 18 passengers, guests will get to explore each day in groups of 10 passengers per 1 guide. Most cruises in the Galapagos offer 1 naturalist guide for a group of 16, whereas the 1:10 ratio offers a much more intimate and attentive experience.


On the Grace Galapagos cruise, guests will have a choice between two 8 day, 7 night itineraries. Why? Because there is simply too much to cover in just one week! Luckily though, each of these itineraries has been carefully crafted to take guests on a unique journey and tell a story. 


Itinerary 1 leaves from Baltra Island, and is called “Following in Darwin’s Footsteps”. Itinerary 2 leaves from San Cristobal Island, named “Beyond Darwin’s Footsteps”. In order to maintain a low impact on the environment of the Galapagos, these itineraries alternate each week. For guests passionate about leaving no stone unturned, it is possible (and fairly common) for guests on the Grace Galapagos cruise to choose a two-week departure, enabling them to complete both itineraries. For those with less time, you’ll find either of Grace’s itineraries will do. 


Both include nature walks and hike upon the various islands, snorkeling with exotic marine life, kayaking adventures, and Panga boat rides. Itinerary 1 and 2 consistently receive rave reviews from guests, pleased with the landscape each covers and the close encounters with the Galapagos’ most notorious species. 


For a cruising experience unlike any other, sail aboard the Grace Galapagos cruise. Curated itineraries, elegant facilities, and adventurous excursions aboard this historic vessel guarantee an unforgettable journey through the world’s most impressive archipelago.

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