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Iberostar Grand Amazon: 8-Day Cruise

8-Day Rio Solimoes & Rio Negro Cruise

This seven-night itinerary combines the Iberostar Grand Amazon's four and five day itineraries, and affords a chance to get to know more of Brazil's awe-inspiring Amazon. 

Enjoy the 5* service and facilities of the cruise ship. This itinerary can also run from Monday to Monday.


Please note that the itinerary below is dependent on the river water level, weather conditions, wildlife behavior, and accessibility to locations, so may vary. All times indicated are approximate, and are also subject to change.

Iberostar Cruise Itinerary

Manaus: Embarkation 

Tonight, the crew welcomes you aboard with a cocktail, followed by a delicious dinner. This is your first opportunity to take advantage of the ship's open bar policy! 

Iberostar Cruise Itinerary

Rio Manacapuru & Lake Jacare

As the sun rises, the Iberostar Grand Amazon enters the Manacapuru River. If you are up early, there is a Sunrise Lovers' breakfast on the Upper Deck, where you can enjoy the early morning atmosphere. Otherwise, you can enjoy the buffet spread in the Kuarup Restaurant.

After breakfast, we board the expedition skiffs for a photo safari through the narrow waterways of the region, where the vegetation overhangs the water.

After lunch and a rest, we head to Lake Jacare, where we have the chance to fish for piranha, or some of the other (smaller!) species of Amazon fish. We wait until dusk before returning to the cruise boat as it is a great time to spot numerous species - especially birds - in large quantities. 

We are welcomed back on board with live music on the upper deck. And then, after dinner, we can go caiman spotting along the river banks, using spotlights. 

Iberostar Cruise Itinerary

Lake Janauacá & Igarapé do Rei

We wake up at Janauacá Lake and, for the early risers, there is a chance to go birding in the skiffs, as the sun rises over the beautiful jungle.

After breakfast, we make an exploration by skiff and along marked trails of the rainforest, keeping our eyes open for jungle birds and Pink River Dolphins. There should be countless photo opportunities. 

We also stop at the home of a local inhabitant, to gain insight into human life in the Amazon, and perhaps purchase some of the traditional handicrafts. 

In the afternoon, we continue to Rei Creek, for an excursion by skiff through the closed-in streams. It is another chance for bird-watching and caiman-spotting.

This evening there is a special dinner, in the Kuarup Restaurant, with live dancing as entertainment.

Iberostar Cruise Itinerary

Manaus: Meeting of the Waters

We wake up early in order to see the fascinating phenomenon known as the Meeting of the Waters at sunrise. This is the point where the black water of the Rio Negro and brown water of the Solimoes meet - but don't mix.

We then enjoy skiff excursions while the Grand Amazon disembarks and embarks passengers at the Port of Manaus.

Iberostar Cruise Itinerary

Jaraqui Stream & Tres Bocas Island

If you are up early, there is a Sunrise Lovers' breakfast on the Upper Deck, where you can enjoy the early morning atmosphere. Otherwise, you can enjoy the buffet spread in the Kuarup Restaurant.

After breakfast, we go and explore the Jaraqui region. Depending on the water level, we either stay on the expedition skiffs or take a guided hike along a jungle trail, where we can learn about the trees and plants that are of particular importance to locals for construction and the production of medicines. 

We have lunch back on board, followed by time for a welcome siesta! 

In the late afternoon, we board the skiffs again to explore the second largest fluvial archipelago in the world, Anavilhanas, a huge collection of river islands and beaches, which are in striking and photogenic contrast to the black waters of the River Negro.

One of the largest islands in the Archipelago is Tres Bocas, and here one can see dense vegetation that includes bountiful orchids and bromeliads, and is home to birds such as toucans and macaws. After dark, caimans are abundant and fun to spot from the skiffs. 

Iberostar Cruise Itinerary

Novo Airao & Cuieiras River

As the sun rises, the Grand Amazon docks at Novo Airão, a bustling riverside town.

After breakfast, we board the expedition skiffs for the first time to explore the narrow waterways near Novo Airão by boat and/or on foot; and then visit the famous pink river dolphins.

This afternoon, we sail back downstream to the river Cuieiras, enjoying the resplendent views along the way. 

We pay a visit by skiff and on foot to Cambebas, a fascinating indigenous village, where we learn how the locals have adapted their way of live to best suit their environment, visit their school, and have a chance to buy handicrafts.

Once back on board, we have dinner, and then can enjoy the facilities and entertainment of the Grand Amazon. 

Iberostar Cruise Itinerary

Ariau River & Praia Grande 

There is the option of a pre-breakfast birding excursion by skiff for those that wish to enjoy the Amazon dawn and its abundant wildlife.

Then, after breakfast, we go by skiff to the streams and lagoons in the vicinity of Ariau River and Praia Grande - which means, simply, 'Big Beach' in English. This is an area known for the abundance of monkey species and sloths, as well as birds of prey and kingfishers. We can also get to know the fish life ... by catching it (and then releasing)! The easiest species to catch is the famed piranha, and most people have a chance to be photographed with their catch. 

After lunch, we are back on the skiffs to explore the Tarumanzinho region, notable for its streams and lakes - and accompanying bio-diversity. There will be a chance to swim in the refreshing waters of the Rio Negro, before heading back to the boat. 

This evening we have a special gala dinner, with exotic Amazon dancing, as a celebration of what we have experienced and a farewell.

Iberostar Cruise Itinerary

Manaus: Disembarkation

This morning, after breakfast, we arrive at the port of Manaus, where we say our fond goodbyes and reluctantly disembark.

  • Please note that all cruise itineraries are subject to change due to seasonal weather conditions (and resultant variations in river and tributary water levels) affecting accessibility to locations. Thus navigation routes, times and excursions may need to be modified at the cruise captain’s discretion.
  • Passengers should also be aware that animal sightings cannot be guaranteed due to the unpredictability of wildlife behavior. 

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