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Indochine Mekong Cruise

Lower Mekong – Comfort Cruise

Cruise Along the Mekong River in Comfort Aboard the Indochine Mekong Cruise

The Indochine Mekong cruise offers stylish and comfortable cruises on the Mekong. This 24-cabin vessel boasts fine wood finishes and while onboard, passengers can enjoy movies, tasty dining, conferences and numerous cultural activities. The ship also has a spacious restaurant

at the rear of the upper deck where guests are able to indulge in Continental and Asian cuisine. Spacious cabins are equipped with security boxes, hot showers, central A/C and plenty of storage space. The itineraries cover the highlights of Cambodia and Vietnam.

The Indochine Mekong Cruise offers 9-Day and 11-Day cruise itineraries with pre and post land tour options. From the heights of the Himalayas to the southern coasts of the South China Sea, winding over 2,700 miles, the Mekong is much more than just irrigation for Indochina—everywhere it flows, it fascinates men and shapes their lives. Come take an expedition on this grand and plentiful “water snake,” from the ruins of Angkor to Tonle Sap Lake following the footsteps of Henri Mouhot, to Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City, still largely influenced by the French colonial days. Our meditative trip takes you along the Mekong River on board a ship combining charm and colonial-style comfort.

Cast off on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure on the legendary river that begins in the mountains of Tibet and meanders through no less than six countries. The Mekong traces the authentic, profound, and mesmerizing history of Vietnam and Cambodia along its riverbanks. You’ll finish your extraordinary vacation in Indochina with a discovery of Hanoï, the Vietnamese capital, and on an unforgettable cruise on the legendary Halong Bay among the fantastically formed islands, crags, and cliffs.

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