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Irrawaddy Voyager I Myanmar Cruise

Myanmar – Luxury Cruise

Take a unique tour of Myanmar on The Irrawaddy Voyager I

The Irrawaddy Voyager is one of the two spectacular boats offered by us at Rainforest Cruises to cruise specific itineraries highlighting the stunning Irrawaddy River Dolphin.

The Irrawaddy Voyager was built in Yangon in 2013 and has been sailing beautifully ever since. With four different excellently designed and tailored suites, you will be in complete cruising comfort for the whole of your experience with us.

The Irrawaddy Voyager is complete with four different types of luxurious suites, each completed with their own French-style balcony and King sized beds.

Not only will you cruise in finesse and style, but you will have the inclusion of stunning features on board such as the sun deck, Sri Ksetra lounge, spa and even a gym! The Bama dining area provides a stunning meal for you three times per day. Each passenger is provided with free and unlimited water, coffee and tea throughout the whole cruise.

These highly sought after itineraries have been created exclusively for the exposure and investigation of the Irrawaddy River Dolphin Conservation area. Some of the locations that are optional to you during these itineraries are: Mandalay, River Villages, Irrawaddy Dolphin Area, Mingun, Sagaing and Bagan. You can choose to cruise these specific itineraries on either the Irrawaddy Voyager I or her sister ship built in 2014, the Irrawaddy Voyager II.

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