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Jasmine Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay – Luxury Cruise

Experience an incredible journey in Halong Bay when you choose to board the stunning Jasmine cruise

If you want to experience Halong Bay take a look at our stunning 2 and 3-Day itineraries. Rainforest Cruises is welcoming you on the beautifully traditional Jasmine cruise to combine relaxing experiences with exciting excursions and out of this world views. This boat is complete with

divine Vietnamese contemporary yet traditional design, 23 fantastic suites equipped with private balconies and baths, a massage room, terrace, sundeck, culinary delights and drinks that will blow your mind. Its a no brainer really.

The second of the three sister ships is the gracious middle-child, Jasmine. Visitors looking for both comfort and adventure in Halong Bay will appreciate the Jasmine’s friendly crew and understated elegance. With 23 cabins,  Jasmine is built in a traditional Vietnamese style, with three tawny sails and dark wood-cladding.

Jasmine’s interiors, like the exterior, are covered in polished wood, lending Jasmine the stately air of an Indochina-era cruising boat. Guests can convene in the formal dining room, enjoy casual barbecues on the terrace and marvel at the bay’s moonlit beauty on Jasmine’s wide Sundeck. After days spent learning Tai Chi, kayaking, and visiting local fishing villages, visitors can enjoy various traditional massage treatments. Heritage Line prides itself on exceptional service and Jasmine is no exception. Jasmine’s experienced crew does their utmost to showcase the Bay’s indescribable wonders.

The large restaurant offers enough space for guests to enjoy privacy or, if they wish, chat with others. The wooden floor and ceilings create that particular Indochina feeling which sets the stage for the exploration of the romantic Bay. Nice Asian and Vietnamese decors are the beautiful add-ons. A small lounge with a bar sits next to the restaurant area where fine cuisine with set menu for dinner is served. Jasmine is high and that is why guests love the Sundeck which gives guests a lovely view of the Bay from above. Sun chairs and umbrellas dot the large space on the top deck where drinks and snacks are served from the bar.

The massage room has two benches. Opt for a head and shoulder massage (one treatment out of many) to relax whilst Jasmine weighs you softly into a snooze. The terrace is a perfect link to the restaurant. Chairs and comfy seating invite guests to observe the floating life of the Bay. In the evening the terrace becomes the place to be – where sumptuous seafood barbecue is prepared and the atmosphere is open and relaxed.

Arguably, one of the most noteworthy and visited sites in all of Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is located in Quang Ninh Province on the coast, about a three-hour drive east of Hanoi. The name Ha Long is derived from the ancient Vietnamese-Chinese, meaning “Descending Dragon.” It’s not hard to imagine the spiny serpent emerging from the waters when you first behold the vista of the Bay.
A more modern designation of Ha Long Bay’s core as “one of the natural wonders of the world” is a centre of a larger zone which includes Bai Tu Long Bay and Cat Ba Island and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

Ha Long Bay features thousands of limestone karsts (small gum-dropped shaped mountains) that have spawned countless caves and grottoes. Some of the caves have become tourist sites, while others are places to hold private functions. The caves are lit with coloured lights that illuminate the stalactites and stalagmites turning the interiors into fantasy landscapes.
Life on the Bay is mainly relegated to the two major islands – Tuan Chau and Cat Ba (which also is home to a National Park and quaint village). Some of the floating villages scattered throughout the Bay are being closed and the residents moved on land.

Signs of human habitation have gone back tens-of-thousands of years and the Bay also offers a diverse eco system aside from the limestone mounds. It is a place where people come to enjoy sailing, kayaking, fishing, climbing or biking amongst these karst jewels. There are a number of beautiful beaches and vista points scattered amongst the over 2,000 islets that comprise Ha Long Bay.

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