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Jayavarman Mekong Cruise

Lower Mekong – Luxury Cruise

Experience elegance and tradition along the Mekong River aboard the Jayavarman Cruise

Nearly 1,000 years ago there was a much loved and highly respected King called Jayavarman. He ruled over Angkor from 1181 until 1218, during which time a number of Angkor Wat’s most impressive temples were constructed. It is this great king for whom Heritage Line’s magnificent Jayavarman cruise liner is named. 

When it comes to comfort and style, the Jayavarman has thoroughly dispensed with mediocrity. From the deck to the cabins, everything about this boat embodies the very definition of luxury. If you want to explore the Mekong River, there are worse ways to do so than aboard the magnificent Jayavarman.

At first glance, it is hard not to be struck by the beauty of the Jayavarman. White walls, lined with blue panels give the boat a fitting nautical theme and the addition of wooden railings completes the look. The ship is a work of art, with each deck more opulent than the last. Traditional Vietnamese lacquer paintings and Khmer bas-reliefs can be found at every turn on the Jayavarman. This abundance of beauty instils an atmosphere of serenity on board the boat and acts as a constant reminder of the culture that prevails in this part of the world.


Delve a bit deeper into the Jayavarman and guests will uncover a number of relaxing communal spaces where they can mingle and relax. The Henry Mouhot lounge, named after the French archaeologist who discovered Angkor Wat, is the perfect place for a spot of reading at the end of the day. The bold furniture, combined with a collection of Asian artefacts, gives the room a decidedly elegant feel.


If you’re more in the mood for drinking than curling up with a novel then you might prefer the Club 1930 bar and lounge. As you might expect, the style is reminiscent of the roaring 30s and has a distinct British colonial extravagance. During the daytime, this is a great place to sit and admire the views as you weave through the twists and turns of the mighty Mekong River. While the boat manoeuvres through the water, you can also have a go at navigating some water from the comfort of the boat’s pool deck. Here, you can absorb some of the sun’s golden rays, check out the stunning views and make a splash in the sparkling pool. Alternatively, spend your day indulging in some rejuvenating spa treatments at the Apsara beauty and wellness centre.


As dusk settles, passengers in need of a bit of privacy can retire to one of the ship's 27 stunning cabins. Choose from a deluxe or superior stateroom or splash out on one of the boat’s two signature suites: Bao Dai and Jayavarman. Whichever room you select, you can be sure of a series of nights in ultimate comfort.

Each room has floor to ceiling windows, which allow plenty of sunlight to flood the living space. They also each have their own balcony as well as a light, delicate colour scheme that is perfectly conducive to a blissfully serene atmosphere. Add in some plush furniture and a selection of modern amenities and you’ve got a room that’s the embodiment perfection. Throughout the day, passengers aboard the Jayavarman will have the chance to sample an array of local cuisine. A veritable smorgasbord of tastes and smells accompany every meal and it is all served within the comfort of the beautiful Indochina dining hall.


Whilst aboard the boat, guests will see a number of Vietnam and Cambodia’s most famous sights. The boat embarks from My Tho, the commercial port of Ho Chi Minh and leisurely makes its way to Siem Reap. Along the way you will catch glimpses of forgotten villages that sit on the banks of Mekong River – the perfect glance into how the local people live.


Southeast Asia has an incredibly rich and fascinating history, from the Mughul rulers of old right through to the rebuilding of Vietnam and Cambodia after their share of terrible modern tragedies. As you learn more about these nations, your respect and admiration will undoubtedly increase. These people are strong, proud and, most importantly, incredibly friendly.


A cruise on the Jayavarman is an excellent way to absorb the culture that exists around the Mekong River. Passengers will get to partake in workshops, watch dance and music spectacles and try some of the region’s weird and wonderful local delicacies. If you want a vacation that’s a bit out of the ordinary – something that you will remember forever – then takes to the watery roads of the Mekong River on the Jayavarman. You won’t regret it. 

Mekong RIver Cruise

A visa is required for most foreign citizens traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia. More information about obtaining a tourist visa can be found by Contacting us, your local embassy, or your preferred travel visa service.

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