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4 Best Adventure Cruise Destinations

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You can go beyond the typical relaxing cruise. We all love drinks on the sundeck and karaoke parties, but how about escaping your comfort zone? That way you have stories to share when you return, and unique pictures. Your coworkers and friends will revel in wonder at what you have enjoyed during your time away from regular life.

People need vacations to recharge for their lives, whether as parents, children, or employees. Having a short break allows us to rest our minds and bodies so that we can return to our routine with style. We don’t merely have to relax, however, if we want to spice up our lives with breaks from tradition. 

Every person has those secret dreams and desires on what they want to see and do in their life. We want to test our limits and prove that we are more than what others think we can accomplish. New experiences help us learn from our mistakes and grow into different people. Take the time to embrace the change, and turn into a new individual that has had an amazing trip. 


Destinations For Your Cruise Vacation

Where do you want to travel come next summer or winter, depending on the hemisphere? Do you want to stick with the Mediterranean or the docile Bahamas? They are lovely vacations, mind, and perfect for when you want to relax. If you want to go deeper, however, we can offer more exciting places for you to make unwinding into an epic quest for adventure. You can even take cruise ships along local rivers, rather than limiting yourself to the ocean.   

When you want more than the typical sunny beach, we have just the place for you. All you need to do is peruse our options, and decide where you want to find thrills, in addition to some chill time. We’ll also help you find accommodations and further trip amenities to enhance your cruise. Below we have listed our top adventure destinations. 

The Galapagos Islands

When you want to see history, science, and unspoiled nature rolled into one, then you should visit these islands to add a dose of snorkeling and exploring. You can witness seals up close, as well as penguins and the finches that inspired scientist Charles Darwin. 

The Galapagos Islands are remarkable not only for their history, but also their exclusivity. When you book a trip to the island, you manage to be one of the limited numbers of tourists that get to dip their toes in the sand, with marine iguanas and other creatures. Ecuador wants to ensure that future generations enjoy the Galapagos, and sadly that must mean closing the island to a good number of tourists. 

Snorkel with sharks of all sizes, from gentle giant whale sharks to the fast but unprovoked Galapagos requiem sharks. Take a dive into coves formed by volcanoes, and explore the various formed islands. You will remember everything, especially the new islands formed from volcanic action. 

Myanmar (Burma)

When you visit this country, you can do more than enjoy our luxurious riverboats. These tours will take you through Myanmar (Burma), providing you with unique experiences. 

Do you want to savor a holy sunrise? The Temple in Bagan can provide that experience. Visit, and prepare to wake up early. You will savor the light as it stretches over the horizon, and over the vast structures. 

You can also climb an extinct volcano, Mount Popa. Prepare to climb 777 steps, and hydrate along the way. You will not regret the view, or knowing that you traversed all those steps to experience it. 


The Amazon

We should consider the river and surrounding forests a world wonder. Scientists like the South American rainforests because they provide biodiversity that keeps the Earth clean and could lead to revolutionary medicine. 

More than a thousand kilometers, several countries contain and border the Amazon. We particularly think you should enjoy this paradise from nature via river cruise. The river itself is brimming with life, and it provides a view that you will never forget. 

Peruvian Amazon

Rainforest covers two-thirds of Peru, which was once the hub of the Incan Empire. Complicated mathematics, supply management, and road construction once made the Incans famous. These days, you can visit their ruins in Machu Picchu, via rope bridges that have lasted for centuries. 

Keep your eyes peeled for pink river dolphins and three-toed sloths. If you feel bold, you can also fish for piranhas, or swim in the oxbow lake. Why not try a new experience? 

You can also try cui or cooked guinea pigs. This furry animal was once considered a delicacy by the Incans, and some tourists enjoy the sweet, tender meat. This is a great meat to have to expand your taste buds when you feel queasy about eating what we consider a pet.  

Bolivian Amazon

Do you want to see dozens of savannas in one trip, or try to catch a glimpse of elusive jaguars and freshwater dolphins? The Bolivian side of the Amazon can provide all of that. You can go deep down two rivers, and see endangered species with your two eyes. 

Start in the island of Trinidad, where you can try the local fare and go snorkeling. If you feel brave, you can try cliff-diving, provided you are in good health and can position your landing. The cruise will then travel to Bolivia via the Mamoré River, giving you a unique view. 

Book Your Next Expedition Cruise With RFC

Rainforest Cruises wants to make all of your vacations memorable. We can help book you experiences that you will not find anywhere else, and well in time for annual trips or special holidays. Do you want to celebrate a wedding anniversary? Your kids graduating? We know what adventures you will all treasure together. 

Reach out to us to learn more. Let us plan your next shore excursion or manta ray encounter, or even your next venture into the world’s remaining rainforests. Swim into your next vacation with style, or take one of our luxury cruise boats. 

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