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Amazon Conservation Projects on the Selva Viva Eco-Cruise

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Built in 2007, in a traditional wooden riverboat style, the 10-passenger Selva Viva is arguably the most adventurous, sustainable and eco-friendly riverboat in the upper Amazon region of Peru. Staying true to its ecotourism vows, this riverboat ensures its passengers travel responsibly through the Amazon jungle, conserve the environment and sustain the well-being of the local people.


Selva Viva Community Projects

Selva Viva Community Projects

Unlike the majority of privately-owned vessels on the Amazon, the Selva Viva is owned and operated by a French-Peruvian NGO, Latitud Sur. Guests can cruise in the comfort of knowing that any profit generated from their experience truly goes towards helping grassroots projects in the vast and undeveloped Peruvian Amazon department of Loreto. Latitud Sur uses 20% of profits to contribute to their projects and guests can visit the areas where the projects are being held. The Selva Viva has a very special relationship with the local people in these areas. This gives guests the unique opportunity to really interact and get involved with the communities. 


Selva Viva Health Project
Selva Viva Community Projects


Selva Viva Community Projects


  1. The sustainable production of aguaje oil in the community of 20 de Enero in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve.
  2. Reforestation on the Rio Nanay.
  3. Access to drinking water and health promotion.
  4. Improving health on the Rio Marañon.
  5. Legalization of property titles of native communities.


To learn more about the objectives and activities involved with these projects, please visit the Selva Viva Projects page or contact us



Selva Viva Eco-Cruise

Selva Viva Eco-Cruise

The Selva Viva Eco-Cruise

With only 4 cabins and expert naturalist guides on board, a cruise on the Selva Viva is an intimate, family-style experience with functional facilities, rather than luxurious accommodations. There is no air-conditioning or private bathrooms on board. The Selva Viva is big enough to be comfortable, yet small enough to access the small tributaries where larger riverboats cannot go. The boat is able to slip under the close canopy of the jungle, within narrow waterways, where the best wildlife-watching is to be had. More than just a trip to the Amazon rainforest, the Selva Viva offers its passengers a real immersion into the wild and indigenous culture. 


An important feature on the Selva Viva, are the eight solar panels. The riverboat is completely powered by its solar panels, allowing guests to listen to the sounds of the jungle, rather than the rumble of generators. 


The Selva Viva offers customized trips from 3 to 10 days to remote locations, as far as the border with Colombia. A popular itinerary, the 5-Day Pacaya Samiria National Reserve cruise, allows passengers to experience one of the most bio-diverse regions of the world. The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve covers an area larger than 20,000 square kilometers (5 million acres) and is located in Peru’s Loreto department. The principal objective of the Park is to protect the incredible biodiversity of the flooded forest of the Omagua region, as well as to promote the sustainable development of local towns and villages. Pacaya Samiria is commonly referred to as 'The Jungle of Mirrors' owing to the impressive reflections one can observe during the high-water period.


Contact us for more information about the Selva Viva eco-cruise or the any of the Selva Viva Amazon conservation projects. 

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