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Amazon River Cruise With Kids

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Are Amazon River Cruises appropriate for families with young children?

Rainforest Cruises is often asked whether an Amazon River cruise would be appropriate for children. Young families are just as eager to visit the world’s top destinations as anybody else, so are Amazon cruises really the correct vacation choice? We say, Yes! 

family amazon tour

Amazon River cruises can be fun for everyone, but some cruise companies, especially luxury Amazon cruises, do put age restrictions on their cruises. High-end Amazon tours cater mostly to couples, serious world-travelers, or retirees looking for romance, relaxation, or top-quality wildlife observation. In these instances, the age restriction is in place more to guarantee the quality of the experience for the adults, as well as the general safety of the children. Generally, in these instances, children over the age of seven are accepted.


Rainforest Cruises has selected the best suited Amazon river cruises for Families. Selected riverboats have books, boardgames and video games available for children to be occupied during lounge hours. The riverboats selected for family Amazon cruises are family-friendly, meaning, they cabins are spacious enough to add a foldable bed, or have interconnecting rooms. View our list of Family Amazon Cruises. 


Is an Amazon River Cruise Safe for Kids?

Cruises are just as safe as any other travel experience. In fact, Amazon riverboats have extremely stringent safety checks on a regular basis, and most have sophisticated equipment, medical instruments, and contingency plans in place in case of emergencies. Please view our Amazon Cruise Safety Guide for more information. In our view, the decision to take a child is less about safety, and more about the quality of the experience for them.


It's important to note that Amazon River cruises are characterized by long periods of down-time, usually in the form of slow navigations between destinations. Some cruises do offer family friendly activities in the library and lounge, however, it's recommended to pack board games, puzzles, coloring books and other activities your children will enjoy during lounge hours. Remember to keep in mind that there is rarely any access to the Internet, that being said, there is hardly any time to go online while out and about in the mighty Amazon rainforest. 

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South American society holds children in high regard and locals have a very hands-on approach to rearing kids. You can be assured that many of the crew members will have children of their own, and will have no hesitation in interacting with your younger family members. 


Moreover, we feel that taking children to wilderness destinations, especially those rich in plant and animal diversity, is important. Visiting foreign countries and exposing children to new cultures and environments is a great investment in your child's future. Our children are the generation that will inherit the planet, in whichever shape we leave it in, and will undoubtedly face hard decisions on how to deal with the challenges humanity will bequeath them. The Amazon Basin is arguably the most vital ecosystem on the planet, and a lesson on its importance during developmental years will surely help to shape children into compassionate, responsible adults.


The Bottom Line

If you have children, and want to treat them to an adventure in the Amazon Rainforest, be sure that both you and the children are correctly informed. If your kids have qualities that include patience, self-control, curiosity, and a spirit of adventure, you may just have the ideal family vacation. 

Kids in the Amazon

We do not know at which age these qualities come into bloom: for some it occurs quite young, and for others it may never happen. What we do know is that for those prepared, an Amazon River cruise can be a life-changer. And, when combined with other interesting destinations such as Machu Picchu, Rio de Janiero, or the cloud forests of Ecuador, you will have built lasting, family memories to be shared for years to come. Take a look at our Top Family Vacation Destinations in Peru. 


Contact Us with any questions you may have regarding Travelling with Children to South America, we would be very happy to help. 

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