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Anakonda Amazon Cruise

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The Amazon Rainforest is widely considered the most fascinating place on the planet. It is home to an astonishing level of different creatures, making it one of the most biodiverse places on earth. The Anakonda Amazon Cruise takes its passengers through the little-explored Ecuadorian chunk of the Amazon Rainforest. As you cruise along the peaceful water of the Amazon River, you will have the unique opportunity to observe the flora and fauna from this incredibly advantageous vantage point.

The Anakonda Amazon Cruise in Ecuador

Anakonda Amazon Cruise

The Anakonda, named after the mighty snake that inhabits the Amazon, is a beautiful vessel comprising 18 luxurious cabins. The color scheme in the rooms is neutral, using browns, creams, and black to create a natural feel that blends in with the scenery through which you are floating. Full length windows bathe the rooms in natural light whilst allowing for spectacular views of the lush vegetation that passes by outside.

On the top of the boat is a sun deck, equipped with a number of sun loungers and a Jacuzzi. In between your adventures, you will be able to relax up here and mingle with the other passengers on the ship. Or you can simply watch the natural world pass by as you enjoy some sunshine. The choice is yours. Down below is a sumptuous dining room, which serves up a range of mouth-watering dishes. If you’re in the mood for something adventurous, there are plenty of dishes from the Amazon, incorporating fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Alternatively, there is always a selection of home comforts on offer if you want something more familiar.

Anakonda Cruise

While the boat is magnificent, you will only be spending part of your time on board. The rest of your time will be spent exploring the Amazon Rainforest – and that’s really what you came for anyway. The ship will take you through the Yasuní National Park or the Limoncocha Biological Reserve – or both depending on how many days you plan on cruising.

On your very first night, you will hop off the boat after dinner for a nighttime walk through the jungle. By this time, the nocturnal animals that inhabit this leafy region have come out. The naturalist guides that stay with you for the entirety of your journey will help you pick out these creatures in the darkness and give you background information about them.

Amazon River Cruise

One of the most popular activities during the cruise is a kayaking or canoeing trip into the Yasuní National Park. You can move along the water at your own pace and search for animals hiding in the foliage as you go. There’s nothing quite like the warm Amazon air brushing over you as the spray from the Indillama River tickles your skin.

If you were hoping for something truly unique on your tour through the Amazon, the Anakonda cruise itinerary has got you covered. Passengers have the option to add on an incredible night of glamping (that’s glamorous camping for those unfamiliar with the term) in the Amazon Rainforest. In your luxurious tent you will fall asleep to the calming sounds of animal cries and raindrops falling from the canopy. It is a magical experience and you will remember it for the rest of your life.

Amazon Rainforest Cruise

Back on board, guests of the Anakonda are invited to attend special lectures and watch documentaries about the region through which they are traveling. These offerings serve to educate passengers about the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest and also to offer an insight into how the native people live here. Questions are always welcome and are usually greeted with deeply informative responses by the boat’s guides.

An Amazon Rainforest cruise is not something you do on a whim. Nor is it the kind of vacation you will go on year after year. It is a once in a lifetime experience that will enrich your understanding of human and animal life and provide you with a glimpse into a world of natural beauty and harmony. For more information about booking a cruise aboard the Anakonda Amazon Cruise contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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