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Aqua Blu Cruise in Indonesia

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If you have dreamt of traveling across the world’s largest island country in the comfort and luxury of a unique cruise vessel then we’re here to tell you, your time has finally arrived. Completed with all year round itineraries, contemporary design, award-winning cuisine and more… the Aqua Blu is the hottest new cruise journey to date.  

Aqua Blue Cruise

Why Indonesia? 

The Aqua Blu is a cruise experience full of wildlife, adventure and tailor-made service in Indonesia. Indonesia is similar in size to the whole of Europe, comprised of over 17,000 islands! This vast area of the world contains UNESCO World Heritage sites, the distinguished Komodo dragon and the Coral Triangle - the highest marine biodiversity on the earth! Alfred Russel Wallace independently documented the Theory of Evolution here, studying birds and animal species in the Malay and East Indonesian Archipelago (later published by Charles Darwin). Indonesia’s most famed creatures reside along the islands and bays including the manta ray and dugong. In addition to these beauties, the largest lizard on Earth, the Komodo dragon can be found stealing the limelight in the Komodo National Park. Private landing sites surround these areas are perfect for exclusive trekking trips, showing the rawest, most pure side of the wild Komodo Islands. 

As for views, you won’t be disappointed. Flores is full of ancient volcanic structures, sculpting the landscape between rolling hills, colorful reefs and sandy pink beaches. If water is your friend you will find the snorkeling and diving opportunities here are unparalleled. In the depths of the Indonesian realm you will discover an abundance of wildlife above and below the water. Snorkeling and diving in these locations are unique with Manta rays, local turtles, reef fish, stunning coral life and even sharks. Raja Ampat will have your jaw-dropping as you investigate at the 1,300 species of fish and a colossal 75% of all coral types known to man! Kayaking and paddle boarding are also on the itinerary in Indonesia for the first time ever. Why wait? Explore all there is to offer with the Aqua Blu.

Aqua Expeditions

Ancient trade routes can be mapped across the water to the Spice Islands, where great sea explorers once travelled. The Spice Islands were discovered by the western world in 16th century; When companies began to establish trading Indonesia was the sole source of nutmeg on the Earth and was worth more than its weight in gold! Now you can discover the impressive European relics, contrasted with traditional local culture; The older nutmeg plantations stand undisturbed as several species of endemic birds fly overhead. But thats not all - there are more ecological treasures to unearth such as the active volcano, Gunung Banda Api (aka the fire mountain). Daily hiking excursions take place across this huge rock formation which dominates the landscape, encompassed by colonial-era villages, topped with Dutch fortes and ancient palaces.

Aqua Blu

What to Expect When You Choose the Aqua Blu

The Aqua Blu is the first ever expedition yacht permanently based in the Indonesian Archipelago. She has unique departures all year round with a broad selection of itineraries ranging from 8 to 13 days in length. An eccentric vessel originally built in 1968 (known as the HMS Beagle), she was converted into a private yacht in 2006. This stunning steel-hulled yacht has now been re-purchased for further refurbishment to bring it to its full potential. Nothing short of pure luxury, the interior design has been carefully thought out and arranged by Cor D. Rover. Smooth cruising is complimented with the unbeatable 1:1 crew to guest ratio - this guarantees a personalized and magnificent journey for all passengers, allowing every attention to detail to be made. Perks such as complimentary laundry service on board for the whole trip will be taken care of for you, so you can get as messy as you like during the day, and follow up with a relaxing dip in the outdoor plunge pool later on. 

Aqua Blu

If you are lucky enough to get on board, you will be unwinding in one of the 15 deluxe cabins, conveniently brought to life with your comfort and pleasure in mind. For those of you who plan on traveling in bigger groups, you can even take advantage of the interconnecting cabins feature, allowing up to 4 people to share a united space. You can take great pleasure in knowing you have your loved ones even closer as you voyage on your magical journey. Personal preferences will be taken into account by state of the art chefs, assuring that your culinary experience on board is no less colorful or exquisite than the flora and fauna that surrounds you throughout the cruise. Indonesia is well known for many of its native dishes, which will be incorporated into the Aqua Blu’s cuisine, prepared each and every day to the finest standard. Choosing one of the many itineraries on offer at Rainforest Cruises will open the doors to this cultural showcase, exclusively set to start sailing in November 2019.  

Aqua Blu

Be the First to Book On Board the Aqua Blu

Rainforest Cruises are lucky enough to be one of the very first people to offer this fantastic voyage to the eager globetrotters of the world. Once refurbishments have been perfected, the rooms decorated and bar glasses polished, she will be ready and waiting to take you on the journey of a lifetime. Please contact our team to board Indonesia’s newest and only river cruise ship, the Aqua Blu. We promise, she is worth the wait. Send us an enquiry or call 1-888-215-3555

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