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Aqua Nera - The Newest Luxury Amazon River Cruise Ship

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You may already be familiar with a few of the luxury ships in our portfolio, such as  Aria Amazon and the Aqua Mekong. Both are beautiful and well structured boats, which we have had the delight of working with for quite some time at Rainforest Cruises. Building on a track record of executing unforgettable experiences along the Mekong River and the Amazon River, we are pleased to present the newest luxury cruise to grace the world’s mightiest Amazon river,  the Aqua Nera.

Aqua Nero

What Is There to Know About the Aqua Nera? 

The Aqua Nera is the most exciting new project bringing luxury expedition experiences to the Peruvian Amazon river. The whole interior design of the ship has been brought from dreams to reality by award winning, Saigon based design studio, NOOR. The onboard design suites have been inspired by the blackwater lagoons of the Amazon River, which is the sole origin and inspiration for the name of this ship, the Aqua Nera. Aboard this ship, you will be immersed in rich and sophisticated, dark-hued wooden elements, contrasted with vibrant pops of striking Peruvian decor. 

Aqua Nero Peru Amazon Cruise

This new cruise is currently in the process of being custom built in Vietnam for floor to ceiling perfection. The boat will consist of three large decks, two mainly allocated to cabins and the dining room, whilst the remarkable observation deck will be kitted out with; a sun deck, games room, gym, cinema screening room, indoor and outdoor lounge/bar area topped off with nothing less than a divine infinity pool. The Aqua Nera will be your new favorite place to relax and unwind.

The ship is built with the singular goal of constantly keeping you connected with the unique flora and fauna surrounding you as you sail. Therefore, each one of the 20 luxury cabins on board is complete with full panoramic windows to retain that connection with the beautiful ecosystem around you. 20 cabins (10 on each deck), make fit for a maximum capacity of 40 passengers serviced by a cruise director, 4 English speaking guides, complete crew, and a paramedic! This cruise is ideal for those planning on traveling with families or in big groups - you can choose to take advantage of Aqua’s ever-favored feature, interconnecting suites. There will be a total of 8 interconnecting/family suites on board keeping your loved ones just that little bit closer. The 1:1 staff to guest ratio will have you beaming with joy as each and every detail can be taken care of personally, accommodating you to ensure you have the best adventure possible with Aqua. Their warm and confident five star service will have you wanting to come back time and time again. 

Aqua Nero Cruise

What to Expect When You Choose the Aqua Nera

Traveling with us is a delightful and memorable experience for countless reasons. Simply one of the best features of Aqua’s vessels is their long standing collaboration and partnership with world renowned, executive chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. Pedro utilizes only the freshest local ingredients found in the exotic Peruvian Amazon to conduct a mind-blowing gastronomic experience for each voyager. With two highly respected restaurants in Peru’s capital city (Amaz and Malabar in Lima), it is truly an experience you would find hard to match on any other Amazon river cruise, with the exception of the Aria.  

A carefully curated choice of 3, 4 and 7 night itineraries have been reviewed and praised by experts on board the Aria Amazon for quite some time, so it is no surprise that Aqua have chosen to mimic these very routes with their new river vessel. Trace along the Amazon, Marañon and Ucayali Rivers as you test your endurance swimming, kayaking, trekking and more! However, trips are not all about physical activity. You will get the chance to discover incomparable sights as wildlife and bird watching reveals the untamed treasures deep within the Amazon rainforest. A trip to Peru is never complete without a huge helping of culture, reinforced as you explore local markets, villages and embark on cultural excursions like no other. Following the crowd has never been easier - we’re all readying up to take part on this exciting escapade!

Aqua Nero Lounge

Be the First to Book On Board the Aqua Nera

Rainforest Cruises are lucky enough to be the very first company to offer this fantastic voyage to the eager cruise-taking world. Once construction has finished, her rooms and decorated and bar glasses polished, she will be transported to her new home to take you on the journey of your dreams. Booking in advance is completely necessary as Aqua Nera’s maiden voyage will take place on August 1st, 2020 for her low-water season itinerary. Please contact our team to board the Amazon Rivers’ newest river cruise ship, the Aqua Nera before anyone else. We promise, she is worth the wait. Send us an enquiry or call 1-888-215-3555

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