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Ayapua Amazon Cruise - Peru's Historical Rubber Era Riverboat

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The Ayapua Amazon Cruise (pronounced Ah-ya-Pooah) is perhaps the best way to enjoy an historical Amazon riverboat cruise. Ayapua is one of the few remaining "Rubber Era" Amazon riverboats still operating in the Peruvian Amazon, and is arguably the most elegant. 

Tastefully restored to her prior glory, the Ayapua Amazon cruise is now available for departures from Iquitos, and visits the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve [ADJUSTMENT NOTE - the Ayapua has now been made into a museum, located near the Casa Morey Hotel in Iquitos.]


Ayapua Riverboat Exterior


Ayapua History:

The Ayapua Cruiseship is a restored rubber-boom vessel, appropriately named after a well-known lake in the Brazilian Amazon. Ayapua boasts a long, proud history of Amazon River navigation. She was constructed in 1906 by a German company called R. Holtz, located in the port city of Hamburg. Tied to the side of a larger, ocean-going steamship, she was towed from Germany to South America, where she would begin a long and glorious career as both a cargo ship and passenger liner. During her tenure as an Amazon Riverboat liner, she operated trade routes along the Purus, Japua, Jura, Putomayo and Yavari Rivers in Brazil and Peru.


One hundred years later, Ayapua was nearly lost when it fell into disrepair and was abandoned along a lonely stretch of Amazon River in the early 2000s. Fortunately, she was rescued and painstakingly restored to her current splendour, making her one of the best choices for a Peru Amazon tour.


Now, the Ayapua is undoubtedly the most elegant historical Amazon Riverboat cruise operating on the Amazon River today.


An Ayapua Amazon cruise allows travelers to relive the Victorian elegance of Amazon River navigation, riding on one of the boats that helped to generate the wealth, history and personality of this incredible region.



Life Aboard the Ayapua:

The Ayapua cruise is a powerful vessel which can accommodate a maximum of twenty passengers on any of her Peru Amazon expeditions. She is 33 meters long, 6 meters wide, has three decks and a newly restored steel hull.


The Ayapua's 10 cabins include air conditioning, private bathrooms and wardrobe. There is a large, 'Victorian-style' dining hall where travelers enjoy delicious, communal meals while discussing the adventures shared during the day's excursions. A comfortable bar on the upper-deck allows travelers to enjoy jaw-dropping Peru Amazon River sunsets, or star-gaze into clear night skies. A comfortable library also includes volumes of books for anyone interested in a bit of late evening reading. 


The Ayapua journeys to the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve and the Yavari river, and is sometimes used as a scientific research vessel. The Pacaya-Samiria and Yavari are home to some of the most diverse wildlife found in the Amazon rainforest.


Ayapua has a dual role in taking eco-tourists and scientists to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve making the Ayapua an excellent alternative for travelers mixing both an upscale Peru Amazon tour with an in-depth scientific experience.


Contact Rainforest Cruises in order to book a departure aboard the Ayapua Amazon riverboat cruise for an unforgettable experience in the Peruvian Amazon.

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