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Belmond Train: The Andean Explorer

  |   Peru

The Belmond Andean Explorer is the sister train of the popular Belmond Hiram Bingham. The Andean Explorer is a luxury train that transports 48 passengers through Peru in style. It's South America's first luxury sleep train that combines a tour of the best sites in Peru. The one and two-night itineraries journey between Cusco, Puno and Arequipa, stopping at Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon along the way. Read on the learn more about what each itinerary offers. 


Puno Lake Titicaca Peru

1. Peruvian Highlands: 2 Nights - Cusco - Lake Titicaca - Arequipa


This magical journey departs every Thursday morning. Embark on the ultimate Peruvian escape and journey from Cusco to Arequipa in style, visiting charming Puno and the majestic Lake Titicaca


Day 1: Cusco, Raqch'i, La Raya Mountain Range

Board the Belmond Andean Explorer train in Cusco. Settle down and unwind in your luxurious cabin as the train begins its journey southeast towards Puno. Then, you'll have your first lunch on board in one of the impressive dining cars. 


After, disembark to visit Raqch’i. Once an important control point for the Incas, it is today a fascinating archaeological site brimming with history. Return to the train just in time for tea.


Soak up the sensational sunset over La Raya Mountain range, before preparing yourself for an elegant dinner on board. Afterwards, perhaps head to the bar car and chat to your fellow travellers as the train continues to Lake Titicaca, where it will stable for the evening.


Day 2: Lake Titicaca, Uros Islands, Taquile Island, Arequipa

Catch the breathtaking sunrise across Lake Titicaca, before enjoying a delicious breakfast on board.Today’s tours include exploring the beauty and rich diversity of life on Lake Titicaca. First you’ll take a traditional boat ride out to the Uros Islands, stunning man-made lands carefully created from woven reeds that are constantly being replenished.


Continue on to Taquile island, a beautiful island with a way of life barely touched by time. Enjoy a private lunch on Collata Beach, with demonstrations from traditional dancers and artisanal workers.


Return to the train for tea as your journey continues on to Arequipa. In the afternoon take the opportunity to disembark and find out more about this stunning city, considered one of the most important settlements in Peru. Return to the train for a final delicious dinner, before retiring to your cabin for a restful night.


Day 3: Lake Lagunillas, Sumbay Cave, Arequipa

Enjoy breakfast before setting off on an early-morning excursion to the spellbinding, rugged scenery of Lake Lagunillas. Afterwards visit Sumbay Caves, home to fascinating cave paintings that estimated to be almost 8,000 years old.


Return to the train for lunch as the trains continues to Arequipa. Here we bid farewell as you disembark, either for a panoramic city tour or for your transfer to the airport.


Belmond Andean Explorer Train

2. Andean Plains and Islands of Discovery: 2 Nights - Arequipa - Lake Titicaca - Cusco


The Andean Plains and Islands of Discovery journey departs every Saturday night.


Day 1: Arequipa

Board the train in Arequipa. Take some time to get comfortable in your cabin and acclimatise to the indulgent atmosphere of the train as you begin your journey towards Puno.


Then take your seat in one of the elegant dining cars for your first dinner on board. Relax and savour refined Andean dishes served with contemporary flair.


After dinner, why not head to the bar car and enjoy a cocktail as you get to know your fellow travellers.


Day 2: Lake Titicaca, Uros Islands, Taquile Island

Awake early to witness the sunrise across Lake Titicaca. Breakfast is served on board. This afternoon we explore Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. 


First we take a traditional boat to Uros, a man-made island artfully constructed from interwoven reeds which are constantly being replenished. The people who live on the island use the same reeds to create homes, ships and tools.


Continue your exploration to Taquile Island, notable for its stunning agricultural terraces. The people here follow a social code that has been barely touched by time, and their handwoven fabrics are regarded as the best in Peru. Enjoy lunch at Collata beach, followed by a performance from local dancers and a demonstration of artisans at work.


Return to the station at the lake for a delicious afternoon tea. Board the train and relax as the journey continues on to Cusco. 


Day 3: Marangani, Raqch'i, Cusco

Wake to a delicious breakfast, accompanied by stunning views as the train sets off from Marangani. Disembark to visit Raqch’i. Once an important Inca settlement, today this fascinating archaeological site boasts many architectural gems.


All too soon we arrive at Cusco, the former capital of the Inca empire. Bid farewell to your crew and disembark for your onward travel arrangements.


Belmond Andean Explorer Train

3. Spirit of the Water: 1 Night - Cusco - Puno


The Spirit of the Water journey departs every Tuesday morning.


Day 1: Cusco, Raqch'i, La Raya Mountains

Board the train in Cusco to settle into your private cabin, and take the time to relax into the indulgent atmosphere of the train. Perhaps head to the Observation Car, order a classic Pisco Sour, and watch the scenery unfold. Then, take a seat in one of the two sophisticated dining cars for a delicious lunch. 


Disembark for an excursion to Raqch’i. Once a defensive stronghold of the Inca Empire, today the area is a captivating archaeological site brimming with history. Return to the train for afternoon tea as your journey southeast continues. As evening descends, savour a picturesque sunset framed by the majestic La Raya mountains.


As the train continues to Lake Titicaca station, enjoy a delicious dinner on board. Complete your evening in the Lounge Car: trade stories with your fellow travellers before retiring to the comfort of your cabin.


Day 2: Lake Titicaca

Wake early and take in a spectacular scene as the sun rises across Lake Titicaca. Afterwards breakfast is served on board. After a wonderful overnight trip, bid the crew farewell and continue with your onward travel arrangements. 


Belmond Train

4. Spirit of the Andes: 1 Night - Puno - Cusco


The Spirit of the Andes journey departs every Wednesday at midday.


Day 1: Puno, La Raya Mountains

Meet the Belmond Andean Explorer in Puno, a charming town beside Lake Titicaca. Step aboard in the afternoon and take the opportunity to unwind in your plush cabin. A fine dining experience of refined Andean cuisine awaits.


Later on disembark for an excursion through the scenic La Raya mountain range, an area of rugged and untamed natural beauty. Return to the train for tea and time at leisure. Soak up the scenery from the Observation Car, or perhaps get to know your fellow travellers over cocktails in the Lounge Car.


As evening descends return to the restaurant car for a sensational dinner as the train continues on its journey into the Cusco region.


Day 2: Cusco

Awake early to a delicious breakfast, the ideal way to prepare for the day ahead. Savour the panoramic views as the train journeys into Cusco, a colourful city that was once the capital of the Inca empire. Disembark for your onward travel arrangements.


Belmond Andean Explorer Train


Are you interested in boarding the luxurious Belmond Andean Explorer train? You can also add this train tour to your Amazon River cruiseContact us for more information or call 1-888-215-3555


All photos and itineraries courtesy of Belmond Andean Explorer. 

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