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Belmond Hotels in Peru

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Belmond is a huge brand we all know and love. Responsible for owning and operating luxury hotels, train services and river cruises around the globe. Founded in 1976, over the past 43 years LVMH’s Belmond Ltd. has added extravagant and opulent products to a whopping collection of 22 countries worldwide. One country housing a notable count of 10 of these products is South America’s gem, Peru. Of these 10 commodities 6 are magnificent hotels, ranging from Peru’s metropolitan capital city Lima to one of the seven wonders of the world in Cusco. Continue your journey below to learn more about these incredible estates and their stories.  

What Belmond Hotels Can You Find In Peru?

Belmond Miraflores Park Plaza

1. Miraflores Park Plaza Hotel in Lima, Peru

Beginning at the unavoidable capital of Peru, Lima houses the fantastic Belmond Miraflores Park. Located on Miraflores’ malecón (pier), the sheer location will have you in heaven from the moment you arrive. From the hotel doors looking out you will discover the widespread Pacific Ocean view and the beautifully quaint Domodossola Park. Further ahead of this is Miraflores’ hot spot shopping location Larcomar, followed by Lima’s famous Love Park just a 20 minute walk ahead. Special features of this hotel are the rooftop pool and eccentrically decorated eatery Tragaluz. The delightful atmosphere in the restaurant is second only to the certified excellent International-Peruvian fusion cuisine. You can sit back and enjoy a classic zesty ceviche in the outdoor dining area or kick back and relax with a coffee whilst admiring the artworks inside. Every 6 months artist Mateo Liébana visits the impressive Belmond building to re-paint new designs across the feature wall, creating new colorful murals that bring the room to life.   

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge

2. Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, Machu Picchu

Traveling across the country we work our way from north to south in Cusco, starting at the larger than life Machu Picchu. It goes without saying that staying here would be a spiritual experience and here you have the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge to bring you just that. Exclusively the only hotel situated at the entrance of this wonder of the world this hotel offers a getaway unlike any other, providing pure access to the momentous Incan empire just a few footsteps away from your hotel door. The special features of this hotel are seemingly endless; you can begin your day with a shaman ceremony in the gorgeous orchid garden and unwind with medicinal muña tea or Peruvian Pisco in the Tampa Bar in the evening. Machu Picchu is on the agenda of millions of travelers every year but staying in the Sanctuary Lodge with Belmond is the one of a kind way to experience this unparalleled and indescribable phenomenon in pure, unadulterated style. 

Hotel Rio Sagrado

3. Hotel Rio Sagrado, Sacred Valley

Third on our list comes a tiny bit lower down into Peru’s Sacred Valley. Here as an extension of enchantment alongside the Urubamba River sits the Hotel Rio Sagrado. Echoing a more homely atmosphere this hotel offers adventure, relaxation and pleasure all in the shadow of the agricultural Andes. Excursions from this location allow you to revel in the magical surroundings as you venture on horseback rides or test the waves white water rafting. Special features of this hotel are the premium rooms with private balconies, perfect for snuggling up after an exclusive therapy session in the Mayu Willka Spa or even a dip in the bubbling jacuzzi. Special ‘Movie Under the Stars’ nights also give guests the opportunity to unwind in a unique cinema concealed in the mysterious depths of the Sacred Valley. 

Hotel Monasterio

4. Belmond Hotel Monasterio, Cusco

Destination number four is Cusco’s Belmond Hotel Monasterio. Rich wooden furnishings compliment the cozy quarters of this luxury hotel. For history lovers this building stays true to the mature style of Cusco with its giant slabbed whitewashed walls in addition to actually being recognised as a historical landmark by Peru’s National Institute of Culture. Hotel Monasterio contains one of Cusco’s most admirable collections of 18th-century art with colonial oil paintings adorning the hallways and suites. Special features of this hotel include its fantastic location a stones throw away from Cusco’s distinguished Plaza de Armas, its undeniable historical value, luxury service and  timelessly elegant garden complete with 300-year old cedar tree. 

Belmond Palacio Nazarenas

5. Belmond Palacio Nazarenas, Cusco

Belmond’s Palacio Nazarenas has perhaps the most interesting story of all. This establishment has gone through an array of purposes in the last 500 years. Beginning its journey as a home to the warrior Mancio Serra de Leguizamón, it was converted into a school in 1644 before its alteration into a convent in 1715 before finally and dutifully completing its renovation into one of Cusco’s most luxury hotel destinations. Guests here can enjoy yoga, salsa or even liquor classes, herbal baths, a range of spa treatments and delicious meals cooked in the restaurant ‘Senzo’, using ingredients from the on-site organic herb and flower garden. This supreme structure is built entirely on Inca foundations (but don’t worry, the flooring is heated) and utilizes its water supply through the decorative octagonal stone fountain and tranquil swimming pool. 

Las Casitas Belmond

6. Las Casitas, Colca Canyon

Last but certainly not least, a couple of hundred kilometers north west of Arequipa is Belmond’s fifth and final treasure. Camouflaged in the serenity of Colca Valleys’ theatrical rolling green hills, rapid gorges, smoking volcanoes and deep desert slopes lies our concluding destination Las Casitas. From first glance to the second you leave this hotel will take your breath away. The irresistible style of this secluded wonder harmonizes luxury with nature and community. Special features of this hotel include Alpaca feeding, hands-on cookery classes where you will learn how to master Peruvian classics and exploration days for mind-blowing adventures in Colca Canyon. Above all, each property withholds classic luxury, unbeatable service and stylishness keeping Belmond properties in a league of their own.

How to Reserve These Rare Encounters?

If you would like to organize your stay at a Belmond property around the time of your cruise don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Rainforest Cruises for more information! Our experts will organize every detail for you, handling every request as best as we possibly can to accommodate you and your travel companions. We also offer land tours throughout locations such as Cusco and Arequipa. Please show your interest by sending us an enquiry or calling 1-888-215-3555

*Please note that all photos are courtesy of Belmond

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