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Brazil Safari: Pantanal and Amazon

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Brazil is one of the most diverse and fascinating countries on the planet and, for safari and nature lovers among us, it is a dream come true. This gigantic South American country is home to the largest swathe of the largest rainforest in the world: the Amazon Rainforest. But, that’s not all. In addition to the famous Amazon Rainforest, Brazil boasts the lesser known, but no less spectacular, Pantanal Region

The Pantanal Region and Amazon Rainforest: A Brazilian Safari

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If you are looking for the ultimate safari adventure vacation, there are few better options than combining trips to the Amazon and the Pantanal into one big expedition. You’ll see landscapes that are unlike anything you could’ve imagined, along with a plethora of remarkable flora and fauna. Never having a dull moment is all but guaranteed. 

But, before you run off and start booking, you might want to know a little bit about these destinations. Here is the low down on the Amazon and Pantanal regions, along with the best ways to enjoy them. 

Brazil Safari

The Amazon Rainforest

If you’re an avid traveller, you definitely have the Amazon Rainforest on your travel list. It spreads out across a huge chunk of South America and has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world. 

Visiting the Amazon Rainforest from Brazil is reasonably straightforward as it is one of the country’s premier attractions. Most people enter the jungle through Manaus, a pulsing jungle city, which serves as an entry port to the Amazon. From Manaus you can hop on a boat for trips that last anything from one day to two weeks. 

The best way to experience the Amazon is to take a river cruise. This allows you to delve deep into the jungle and to see a lot more than the daytrippers will. During the days, you will pull up along the banks of the river and disembark in order to explore on foot or by kayak. In the evenings, you will retire to your boat for a hearty meal and a good night’s sleep in your luxurious cabin. 

Pantanal Brazil

The Pantanal Region

The Pantanal Region in Brazil is the country’s best kept secret. These wetlands stretch out over 70,000 square miles and are painted the most vivid, emerald green. The stand out feature of this magnificent patch of natural beauty is the 670 species of birds that call it home. Look to the skies and your vision will be filled with flying wonders of all shapes and sizes. 

The Pantanal Region is much harder to access than the Amazon and for this reason crowds are minimal. In fact, there is a good chance you won’t see another human for days during your trip here. 

Brazil Pantanal

There are two main roads that provide access to the Pantanal: the Transpantaneira and the Estrada Parque. You can opt for a tour or hire your own vehicle to drive along these routes. Alternatively, you can charter a small plane and fly to the very middle of the region. Bear in mind that a trip to the Pantanal Region is not cheap, but it is truly a once in a lifetime experience. 

The best time to visit both the Amazon and the Pantanal is during the dry season, which runs from May to November. Travelling during this time gives you a better chance of seeing jaguars and other large animals. 

While most people choose to visit either the Amazon or the Pantanal, there is nothing stopping you from combining the two for a real safari adventure. Given the stark differences between these two heavyweight wildlife zones, it is well worth experiencing both of them. There are flights that go between Manaus in the Amazon and Cuiaba in the Pantanal, making it easy to combine the two regions in one trip. For more information about booking a Brazil Safari, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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