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Clavero Amazon Cruise - The Amazon's Oldest Navigating Ship

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Clavero Amazon Cruise is a lovely, historical Amazon cruise hailing from Iquitos, Peru. In fact, she is the oldest functioning riverboat on the entire Amazon River. Although now operating as a wonderful historical Amazon riverboat cruise, she has had a number of occupations since construction in 1876 by Claparede Freres in Paris, France.

During her career as a working Amazon steamship, she was utilized in both military and civilian capacities. In the Peruvian Navy, Clavero played a critical role in exploring and protecting Peru's fragile borders. As a mail and cargo delivery ship, Clavero assisted to maintain communication lines and trade between jungle outposts and Iquitos.

She has now been fully refurbished and can be chartered for an incredible Amazon riverboat cruise and Amazon jungle tour. 


Clavero Amazon Cruise


Brief History of the Clavero Riverboat

The Clavero Amazon Cruise was originally named Cahuapanas, and served in Peru's first Amazonian fleet. Clavero earned her stripes during Peru's military expedition to expel an invasion by Ecuador in 1903 along the Napo River.

Two years later, Clavero was commissioned to explore the upper Purus River by Peru and Brazil in order to establish frontiers. Following this period, Clavero was purchased by the Morey family, known in the Amazon for shipping and commerce, to be utilized as a cargo vessel. 

By the 1960s, Clavero had fallen into disrepair, until being remodeled in 2007. The Clavero Amazon Cruise now proudly navigates some of the Amazon tributaries she helped to put on the map. Eco-tourists eager to discover the beauty and biology a Peru Amazon tour has to offer, are encouraged to consider Clavero Amazon cruise as their riverboat cruise of choice.


Clavero Steamship

Aboard the Clavero

We classify the Clavero Amazon Cruise as a historical Amazon cruise on account of her interesting history. However, the Clavero also boasts comfortable amenities for anyone aspiring to tour the Amazon River. Clavero is equipped with six air-conditioned cabins, each with two single beds, wardrobe, private bath and shower. She does not have hot water, but in our experience, when returning from excursions, passengers are usually quite eager for a cool, refreshing shower.

The Clavero Amazon Cruiser is a cozy expedition cruise ship navigating in the Peruvian Amazon measuring 28 meters long and 5 meters wide. A comfortable, communal dining hall is where cruisers enjoy well-cooked, local and international meals prepared by local staff.

In the evenings, passengers can enjoy the library for some quiet reading, or sit on the upper deck and enjoy the sunsets or observe passing Pink River Dolphins.


Clavero Itinerary

Clavero Itinerary

The Clavero offers a standard 3-Day and 5-Day itinerary visiting Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, in the Peruvian Amazon. She is available for regular departures or can be chartered by families or groups. Departure dates and itinerary lengths are very flexible, please ask us about special requests.


For more information about the Clavero Amazon cruise, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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