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Cooking Classes Cruise with Pedro Schiaffino

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In a new and exciting set of departures, Rainforest Cruises will be offering several limited-time cruises with Aqua Expeditions, hosted by the Aqua Amazon’s famous chef, Pedro Schiaffino. Aqua Expeditions is known for offering the utmost in quality on Amazon river cruises, and Pedro Schiaffino’s gourmet touch on the menu is one of the most celebrated facets. These cruises hosted by Mr. Schiaffino will offer guests the chance to visit local markets, tour his kitchen, take a cooking class, and speak personally with the man himself about his experience, visions, and culinary trends. Those with a passion for food, cooking, and cruising alike won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from the master himself as you sail through the incredible Amazon rainforest. 


Pedro Miguel Schiaffino 

Pedro Miguel Schiaffino 

A bit about Pedro Schiaffino

A graduate of the well-respected Culinary Institute of America, Pedro Schiaffino is the chef and owner of Malabar restaurant in Lima, known as one of the city’s most innovative restaurants- and the 7th best restaurant in the world. On his menu you’ll find exotic Amazonian ingredients expertly crafted into dishes unfamiliar to both locals and tourists, but regarded by all as perfection upon first bite.


Pedro Schiaffino was born in Peru, yet you’ll see the influences of his international training in his dishes. In addition to attending the Culinary Institute of America in New York, he also spent four years working as a chef in Italy, under the mentorship of some of the country’s biggest culinary names. You’ll see this appear through a delicate sprinkling of Mediterranean ingredients. While his food is often described as “cutting-edge”, Pedro himself will admit that the food isn’t showy. It’s simply a powerful combination of exotic ingredients with a light touch, where creativity runs wild and the chef has a clear mastery of how to work with everything he uses in a natural and sustainable way.


Since opening, sustainability has become an important focus at Malabar, and Pedro is passionate about preserving Peru’s wild species. The fish used at Malabar is sourced from well-managed aquaculture, and the chef himself works with many new farming cooperatives in the Amazon to ensure a viable and steady supply of the exotic ingredients he relies upon for his dishes, without ever compromising the environment. 


In addition to his renowned work at Malabar, Pedro Schiaffino has also founded a catering company, Schiaffino Gastronomika, and is a member of the Executive Committee of the CIA’s Latin Cuisines Advisory Council.



Causa with Shrimp Escabeche

Causa with Shrimp Escabeche

Cruise Details

We are excited to offer three exclusive chef-hosted voyages with Pedro Schiaffino in 2016. All will sail through the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon.


Departure Dates

29 March 2016 (5 days)

26 November 2016 (4 days)

29 November 2016 (5 days)

These cruises depart form Iquitos, Peru aboard the Aqua Amazon.



Quinoa Krispies and Roasted Vegetable Salad

Quinoa Krispies and Roasted Vegetable Salad


These limited-edition chef-hosted departures will include Aqua Amazon’s regular itinerary, with several addition chef-hosted events for guests free of charge.


Accompany chef Pedro Schiaffino to local markets throughout the Amazon, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the locally grown ingredients that are essential to his cooking. Expect to see many you have never before heard of, used in ways you never would have imagined. 


Aboard the ship, guests will be able to attend a cooking class or take a kitchen tour hosted by the chef, learning his secrets of recipe planning, preparation and execution. Having the opportunity to watch him at work is one few will ever have. 


After witnessing his prowess in the market and kitchen, guests will be able to sit down for a Q & A session with the famous chef. An authority on the international food scene and trends, learn about how the chef keeps his work and menu up-to-date and innovative. Hear him speak about his newest creative culinary visions, and ask him about his perspective in the kitchen.


Amazon Jungle Canopy 

Amazon Jungle Canopy 

Amidst all of the culinary excitement, don’t forget the rest of the usual itinerary you will have to look forward to- guests on these limited-time departures will sail through the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon, with many activities on and off the boat. Explore connected rivers on smaller skiffs, trek through the rainforest to look for exotic wildlife, and visit Amazonian villages where you will get to meet a local shaman. Just off the boat, guests will always be able to kayak, canoe, and swim, inches from the world’s richest wildlife. 


These cruises will embark on the beloved Aqua Amazon ship, a luxury riverboat with room for just 24 guests to maintain an exclusive and intimate atmosphere. The large and stylish suites all have their own panoramic river views, and are designed to prioritize comfort and relaxation. 


Book your spot on one of these Aqua Expeditions cruises hosted by Pedro Schiaffino today. With only three of these unique chef-hosted departures, spots are going quickly- don’t miss out! Cruise the Amazon in a way you’ll never forget. Contact Us for more information. 

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