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Corporate Retreat Ideas

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The benefits of organising a corporate retreat are numerous. Not only do you get to spend some time of out of the office, which is always a huge plus, but you get to know your colleagues on a more intimate level. By fully understanding the people you work with, you create a much more pleasant working environment. Everyone knows that a happy office works much better than one filled with tension and animosity.


The problem with a corporate retreat is that it is hard to strike the right tone. You want your employees to be relaxed and have fun, but you don’t want the whole thing to be gauche. Maintaining a sophisticated air is important to keep your employees engaged and entertained.


At Rainforest Cruises we offer a number of great corporate retreat options that strike the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure. They bring your team closer while they have fun in foreign lands and let the management team promote a healthy company culture.


corporate retreat ideas

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One of the most popular ways to spend a company retreat is on an exploratory cruise. Now, this isn’t a huge ocean liner with thousands of people on board and a cinema. An exploratory cruise is a much more intimate experience. The boats have just a dozen or so cabins, sometimes less, and pull up regularly so passengers can disembark and explore remote areas along the banks of the river.


1. Amazon


Where better to head for a company retreat that the mighty Amazon River? For many of your employees, this will be a once in a lifetime adventure and it definitely beats a wine tasting session in the office canteen.


The Untamed Amazon is a small boat with a maximum capacity of 16 passengers. It plies the Amazon River as it carves through Brazil, giving those on board plenty of time to admire their magical surroundings and even enjoy a spot of sport fishing.


The Delfin II is another popular cruise ship and can carry 30 people as it snakes its way through the Peruvian section of the Amazon. The on-board lecture room is great for giving pep talks or setting up team-building exercises while the massage parlour is on hand at all times to pamper your team.


Similarly, Amazon Star takes around 30 passengers and explores the depths of the Peruvian Amazon. Guests on board this boat will visit the beautiful Pacaya-Samiria National Park and kayak through calmer tributaries.


Charter Cruise

2. Galapagos


Watch your team’s jaws hit the floor when they find out their company retreat is taking them to the legendary Galapagos Islands. Famed for its diverse wildlife and rugged landscapes, few archipelagos can compete with the excitement of the Galapagos.


The Treasure of Galapagos cruise ship is a favourite with travellers. It takes just 16 passengers, ensuring a personal and intimate experience with the highest level of customer service on board. The ship has three different possible routes, each stopping at multiple islands and offering passengers the chance to disembark and seek out sea lions, marine iguanas and tortoises.


Alternatively, take your company retreat on board the Coral I or II yachts. The itineraries on board these boats allow for plenty of retreat activities, taking its passengers on at least two excursions per day. Your team will certainly get to know one another when they are snorkelling through the crystal clear water of the Galapagos together.


Mekong River

3. Mekong River or Irrawaddy River


Another option for company retreat cruising is the Mekong River, which flows through vast parts of Southeast Asia, including Cambodia and Vietnam. Alternatively, an Irrawaddy Cruise travels through Myanmar, covering the best of the country. Cruises that navigate their way through this part of the world will pass by crumbling temple ruins, vibrant markets and craftsmen creating their wares using traditional techniques. It is a fascinating place to explore and one that will capture the imaginations of your employees.


Corporate Retreats

4. Company Retreats on Land


If you think your team would rather keep its feet on terra firma during the corporate retreat then we also have a number of great private tours on land. These are available in Cusco, Lima, Rio de Janeiro and more. Highlights of some of our private group tours include the chance to visit the iconic Machu Picchu in the Sacred Valley and Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil.


Planning a corporate retreat can be a challenge, but when you enlist the help of professionals, you will breeze through the organisation stage. Give your team the ultimate corporate retreat and boost their work satisfaction, morale and loyalty in doing so. For more information about booking a corporate retreat, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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