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Cross-Generational River Cruising

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Taking a cruise - be it on an ocean or a river, such as the Amazon - has become increasingly popular with extended families, as the well-equipped boats offer a safe, fun environment for various generations to spend 'quality time' together, share varied experiences in remarkable environments ... and perhaps celebrate a milestone such as a significant birthday or anniversary.

A noticeable trend within these family units traveling together is cross-generational ie grandparents taking their grandchildren. Rainforest Cruises had one such group travelling to the Ecuadorean Amazon and Galapagos Islands in July 2013: Charlie Walters and his four grandchildren, aged 12 to 16.

Charlie took the precaution of making all four of the grandkids sign a 'contract' prior to the trip, which we think is brilliant:


I, __________________________ hereby take the following oath:

While traveling with my grandfather, Charlie Walters, I will respect his authority and obey his rules. I acknowledge that he is both a little older and a lot wiser than me.

I will be courteous and respectful to everyone I meet and to my traveling companions.

I will be an excellent ambassador for my state and my country and I will conduct myself in such a manner that, if I am the only person who someone from another country ever meets, that person will have a good impression of all United States citizens.

I will display humility to everyone; quick to forgive and slow to judge. I will require perfection from no man, woman, or child; hope they reciprocate; but forgive them, if they don’t.

I acknowledge, in advance, that when traveling, things go wrong, and that the only way to maintain the comforts of home, is to stay at home. I will expect delays, discomforts, and disappointments. When they occur, I will be patient, tolerant, and understanding. I will maintain my sense of humor and be grateful for my personal proof that “Murphy’s Law” is not a myth. I will strive diligently to maintain and improve my good character. I also acknowledge that what happens in Ecuador does NOT stay in Ecuador and that my Peepaw is a snitch and will rat on me to my parents, if I misbehave.

Last, but not least, I commit to remembering my Peepaw for several weeks after he croaks and to be a role-model grandfather to his great, great grandchildren.

I am taking this non-revocable oath of my own free will, because it is the right thing to do, and because my grandfather has agreed, that, if I take the oath, he’ll front me $50 when we arrive in Ecuador and, if I strictly obey the oath, he’ll cough up another $50 when we leave the Galapagos Islands for spending money for souvenirs, etc.

AGREED TO by:___________________________________ 
Date: ________, 2013

Sadly, the oath did not rule out laughing at Grandpa's misfortune, as this photo and comment illustrates:

family hike

'This is me after falling, face first, into the muddy swamp. Grandsons ridicule old men with no mercy. Look at the joyful faces of these ungrateful little punks. The other two almost passed out from laughing. They wouldn't have enjoyed it more, if I'd arranged for a tribe of naked Amazon women to play hop-scotch with them.'

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