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Cruising Halong Bay in Vietnam

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Cruising Ha Long Bay is legendary – both for the Vietnamese and for the travelers. The meaning of its name is The Descending Dragon. This is where the Dragon mother and her children came to help people in their fight against the evil invaders. After incinerating the enemies, the dragons remained on earth and turned to humans, to help those living in the area with everyday living. This why the Vietnamese say that their ancestors come from dragons. The dragons themselves later formed the bays and you can see their shapes when cruising between the rock formations, especially on a misty day. 

Ha Long Bay Cruises

What’s the best way to see  Ha Long and Lan Ha Bays?

There is nothing as spectacular as the sunrise in Ha Long Bay, therefore spending the night or two in the bay is the best way to see it and fully experience its magic. There are quite an amount of ships and cruises that offer one day and overnight trips in the bays. But we have our favorite! 

But first – few words about the bays. Ha Long Bay is one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature and a Unesco World Heritage Site. It’s around 770 limestone islets, formed over 500 million years. One of the main islands in the bay is Cat Ba Island. 

Heritage Line

A new tourist destination in the area is Lan Ha Bay – a southward extension of Ha Long. It consists of around 300 islets and, geologically similar to Ha Long, it is popular for its lovely sandy beaches. It is also quieter and experiences lesser boat traffic. 

The ships of our choice operate in both bays and offer 2 and 3 nights cruises, that include not only slow passages among the islets and infinite photo opportunities but also excursions to explore caves and islands, kayaking and hiking. 

Violet Ha Long Bay Cruise

Meet the Three Sisters – Ginger, Violet and Jasmine. They will soon be joined by the youngest sister – Ylang. All sisters are beautifully done, with respect to local traditions and materials, with elegant décor and high-end comforts. 

Ginger and Ylang (launch in August 2019!) take you to serene Lan Ha Bay. Ginger – the older sister, offers one night cruise with a culinary theme and cycling on Cat Ba Island. She has 12 suites, 3 decks, panoramic restaurant and al-fresco dining option plus a terrace with open deck pool. The open kitchen gives you an insight into Vietnamese cooking secrets, to satisfy your appetite. 

Ylang is the 10 cabins beauty that takes you on a journey not only deep into Lan Ha Bay, but also to the world of your senses. This is a wellness-themed boat, with spa, sauna and yoga room, with daily tai chi and yoga class. We love the terrace deck with a pool but wouldn’t mind just spending time in a private jacuzzi of the Regency Suite.

Back to Ha Long Bay, we cruise on traditional Jasmine, with 23 cabins and a charming Violet – with just 6 cabins, she provides the quietest and relaxing time. 

Whichever of the sisters you choose to cruise on, you will love the attention to detail and the superb service. With all this – don’t forget to admire also the bays and the stunning nature around you! For more information about Cruising Halong Bay, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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