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Day Trip from Lima: Los Pantanos de Villa

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Within the city limits of metropolitan Lima, Peru is an incredibly biodiverse natural reserve: Los Pantanos de Villa.  Established in May 1989, it makes Lima one of the few major cities in the world to host a natural reserve of its type, and is the only such protected area within Lima. Those looking for an immersive, educational and recreational day trip from Lima, won’t want to miss a visit to Los Pantanos de Villa!


Laguna Genesis


What is Los Pantanos de Villa?

Los Pantanos de Villa are unique wetlands that cover 263 hectares of protected marsh. They are an important reserve of diverse flora and fauna that has not been elsewhere protected in Lima, such as many species of migratory and resident birds (over 170), wild plants that are characteristic of the Peruvian coastal region, and a collection of deep lagoons connected to the Rimac River that house a diverse array of swamp plants, fish, reptiles and aquatic insects.  It’s a favorite place for bird-watching, and has various resources for students and other visitors interested in learning about the research and preservation that takes place here.


The impressive landscape of Los Pantanos de Villa offers visitors the chance to explore it on foot or bicycle along one of three natural trails, or by boat across the lagoon. Boat and walking tours can be arranged, and it is possible to book tours in advance or upon arrival.




The white-cheeked pintail (Anas bahamensis)

The white-cheeked pintail (Anas bahamensis)


Where is Los Pantanos de Villa?

Los Pantanos de Villa Nature Reserve is about thirty minutes from the tourist districts of Lima (such as Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidro).


Located at: 

Av. Defendores del Morro (formerly Av. Huaylas)

Chorrillos District, Lima



How do you get there?

You can easily get to Pantanos de Villa by taxi, car or public transportation, however it is worth visiting with a tour guide who can educate you on the different wildlife you’ll witness. It is recommended to book a day trip with a guide, which includes transportation.


Should you choose to visit without a guide, you can ask your hotel to call a taxi or call an Uber. This distance should cost $10USD (30 soles) at most, one-way.


For those interesting in taking public transportation, you’ll want to allow a little more time. You can ask your hotel for a bus leaving from your location, or take the Metropolitan to Matellini station and hire a taxi from here.



American Oystercatcher (Haematopus palliatus)

American Oystercatcher (Haematopus palliatus)


What does it cost?

Entrance fees to Los Pantanos de Villa are S/. 8 for adults, and S/. 4 for children. (Less than $3USD for adults and a little more than $1USD for children).


Bicycle rentals cost S/.10, and boat rentals cost S/.12.


Additional information on Los Pantanos de Villa

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8:30am to 4:30pm

Phone: (+511) 254-7611




For those looking for a natural escape from the modern city, Los Pantanos de Villa is a great day trip from Lima for nature lovers, athletic types, and families. See a lesser-known site in Lima and get a glimpse of the impressive biodiversity the region has to offer! For more information about booking a Los Pantanos de Villa tour, Contact Us

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