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Does the Amazon River Run Through Brazil?

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Yes, the Amazon River does run through Brazil, around two thirds of the entire river and the largest portion of the Amazon drainage basin can be found in Brazil (about 60%). The Amazon River is without a doubt the most incredible river in the world and definitely deserves more than 8 words to sum up just how outstanding it really is. Flowing for around 4,000 miles, this natural water feature is roughly the same length as the distance between New York City and Rome. 


Amazon River Map

Amazon Rainforest Brazil Map


The Amazon River in Brazil

At 2.7 million square miles, the Amazon drainage area is the largest of its kind in the world. In fact, if the Amazon drainage basin were a country it would be the 7th largest in the world, just after Australia. Even the portion of the basin that is located in Brazil is bigger than the basin of any other river in the world. For those that aren’t sure what a drainage basin is, it is the area of land that contributes to a river by means of rainfall, melting snow etc. Any water that doesn’t absorb into the land will flow back into the river.


By far one of the most fascinating parts of the Brazilian section of the Amazon River is the incredible phenomenon that can be seen where the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões meet. The curious part of the river is known as ‘The Meeting of the Waters’. What makes it particularly distinct is the contrast between the clear, black water of the Rio Negro and the cloudy, sand-coloured water of the Rio Solimões. This part of the river can be found in Manaus, Brazil’s main Amazon city.


Amazon River Run Through Brazil


Aside from this spectacular confluence, there is a whole host of other things to cast your eyes upon in the Brazilian Amazon. Perhaps the number one draw for travellers about this part of the world is the incredible wealth of animals that can be found hiding in the trees and splashing in the water. Of particular note is the famous and elusive pink river dolphin. This majestic creature is not only a wonder to behold but it holds a special place in Amazonian folklore. The legend of the pink river dolphin says that the male river dolphin shapeshifts into a handsome man at night and seduces local women – playing a part in the human lifecycle. It is very bad luck to kill a river dolphin and legend has it that if you look one in the eye you will have nightmares for the rest of your life, so beware!


Animals seen along the Amazon River include monkey, sloths, jaguar, caimans, macaws, piranhas and more. Be sure to pack some binoculars and make sure your camera is fully charged before you embark on your trip, as there will be moments you will want to keep forever.


Amazon River in Brazil


In addition to the fauna you can see as you navigate the Amazon River, another point of interest is any one of the villages that sit along the banks of the water. While there are numerous tribes that remain completely isolated from the modern world, there are a few that have chosen to let outsiders visit them and see their way of life. Prepare for the culture shock of a lifetime as you meet members of tribes you have never even heard of and see how they go about their daily life. All of this is done in a completely sustainable and responsible way and only at the invite of these Amazon communities, so you don’t need to worry about intruding on their territory.


Of course, if you are looking for some adventure in the Brazilian Amazon then you will need to spend some time in the Anavilhanas Reserve. Encompassing over 350,000 hectares of untouched natural beauty, the entire reserve is utterly sublime and densely filled with lush vegetation that beckons to be explored. This area is also home to a number of animals that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Within the park’s conservation programme are giant anteaters, margays and Amazonian manatees.


When the mundanity of the daily grind gets too much and you need to escape the office for a bit, there are few places as rewarding as the Amazon Rainforest. Here, you can let all your worries and cares evaporate into the humid canopy as you kick back on a boat and marvel at the natural wonders that surround you. Ready to see the Amazon River run through Brazil? For more information about booking an Amazon River cruise in Brazil, contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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