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Expert Review: 4-Day Delfin III Amazon Cruise

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Last week I had the pleasure to cruise the Peruvian Amazon River aboard the Delfin III with my family. We were welcomed by the Delfin staff at the airport after a 2-hour flight, the only way to reach the water-locked city of Iquitos in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. From the airport we then drove to Nauta, a small port town where most cruises embark and disembark from. During the one and a half hour drive we received a small lunch bag and an ice-cold scented towel to help us adjusting to the tropical temperatures.

During the drive, Ericson, one of our three guides, set the mood with a brief overview of what we could expect during the next few days, as well as a first introduction to the flora and fauna of the Amazon Rainforest. He was more than willing to answer the various questions of my 7 and 8-year-old boys, who were getting very excited hearing about all the animals we were most likely going to see during our trip.


Expert Review Delfin III

Aboard the Delfin III Amazon Cruise


The Delfin III is the largest of luxury cruises on offer in the Peru Amazon. It has 22 cabins, ranging from the very nice Lower Deck Cabins to the spacious Corner and Owner Suites, the latter measuring nearly 600 Sq. ft and providing an awesome 360 degrees panoramic view of the Amazon River.


We were staying in two adjacent Lower Deck Cabins which provided all the comfort and amenities required for the trip, including an A/C to maintain a pleasant temperature and keep bugs away, a cold/hot shower for refreshing after the various excursions and a large queen size bed to recuperate for next days activities.


Delfin III Amazon Cruise


The 4-day Delfin III cruise offers a great balance of activities and excursions, such as a jungle walk, a visit to a local community, various skiff outings and the opportunity to kayak on one of the smaller tributaries. In addition, the crew of the Delfin also organize food and Pisco (a local cocktail) making presentations, as well as a demonstration of local fruits. In short, they will keep you busy. However, this does not mean there is no time to relax and unwind on board of the cruise. My boys were very happy with the small pool located at the Sun Deck, while other passengers retreated to their cabins or read in the common air-conditioned area.


The cruise offers excellent food on board, for breakfast there is a complete buffet, while lunch and dinner are served at the table. Throughout the cruise you will be served a variety of fusion from the different culinary regions of Peru, anyway a cuisine considered one of the best in the world!


Delfin Amazon Cruise Review


During our jungle walk we saw a red-tailed-boa, a poisonous frog, anaconda, a bat, giant bullet ants and a tarantula. While during one of our skiff rides we saw a couple of wild river otters.


If you are looking for a family-friendly cruise, I can fully recommend the Delfin III cruise. The cruise is spacious and safe, and the crew is great with children, always willing to answer questions or provide a helping hand. They really go the extra mile to make sure all passengers have a great experience on board. While off-board the excellent and very knowledge guides do their outmost to ensure you see most wildlife possible. Your camera will not stop clicking!

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