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Expert Review: Treehouse Lodge with Rainforest Cruises

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This expert review has been written by Suzanne Jones, Travel Blogger from The Travel Bunny. Suzanne recently travelled to the Peruvian Amazon with Rainforest Cruises to stay at the Treehouse Lodge. Read on below to see Suzanne's experience at this unique jungle lodge. 


Treehouse Lodge Expert Review


Most of the wildlife in Peru's Amazon Jungle is found high above the ground in the tree canopy. What better way to get up close and learn about the jungle's inhabitants than to stay high up in a treehouse - eye to eye with the passing wildlife. 


Treehouse Lodge Peru

Getting to Treehouse Lodge

In September 2016 we took a flight from Lima to Iquitos to begin our journey to the Treehouse Lodge nestled deep in the Amazon Jungle. We were met at the airport by Marden who was to be our personal guide for the duration of our stay. The next leg of our journey was a 2 hour car transfer to the port town of Nauta. This is where the road ends and the final stage of our journey, by river, began. An hour and a half later we arrived at Treehouse Lodge. As we disembarked dusk was falling and fireflies lit the way to the communal area of the lodge where we were met by Edwin the lodge manager offering a welcome glass of passion fruit juice.  



Expert Review Treehouse Lodge Peru

Our Treehouse at Treehouse Lodge

After dinner and a couple of drinks we were shown to our amazing treehouse. We were to stay 67ft up in the highest treehouse. It took about ten minutes to reach it from the main lodge and the route included 85 steps up a tree and two hanging canopy bridges. Our fitness levels were definitely better at the end of our stay! We loved that we were slightly away from the main lodge as it gave us a feeling of being out in the jungle on our own. The stuff of adventures. 


The treehouse had everything we needed for our stay. The room was completely encased in mesh to prevent unwanted visitors but this was hardly noticeable and didn't detract from the view. The double bed was covered in mosquito netting with fresh linen sheets and clean towels ready for us. A seating area was perfect for relaxing and looking out into the panorama of trees and for wildlife spotting.  


The bathroom had a glass hand basin, proper flushing toilet and shower stall. The water isn't heated but we wouldn't have wanted it hot. It was a delicious feeling to come back after a jungle excursion and have a cool refreshing shower. Liquid soap is provided but I preferred to use my own shower gel and hair products.


A ceiling fan, electric light, safe and full-length mirror were practical additions and curtains hung all the way around the edges of the room.  We didn't feel the need to close these as we weren't overlooked at all except by the occasional monkey. Where possible solar power is used at the lodge but there is a generator as back up. There were walkie talkies in the room in case we needed to contact the main lodge. In the middle of the jungle the mobile/cell signal was often weak although wifi is available in the communal area. 



Expert Review Treehouse Lodge Peru

Food and Drink at Treehouse Lodge

The food at Treehouse Lodge is delicious, made with local ingredients and always beautifully presented. Throughout our stay the standard of food was excellent. Breakfast was served with hot coffee, juices and a range of fruit, cold meats, cheeses and breads. Lunches were two courses; a salad followed by a fish or chicken main course. Dinner was three courses; a salad starter followed by a fish, chicken or meat main course and a dessert. All meals came with plenty of vegetables and no two meals were the same throughout our stay. Soft drinks were served with meals and alcoholic beverages were available to purchase from a well-stocked bar. On our full-day out in the jungle Sterling, the chef, sent us off with a delicious packed lunch which kept us going all day. The staff were all very friendly and attentive and the service was excellent.



Expert Review Treehouse Lodge Peru

Treehouse Lodge Excursions

Each day we'd venture out into the rainforest on a choice of jungle excursions. Marden, our guide, and Dennis, our boatman, were experts at spotting wildlife. Marden was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the jungle, its inhabitants, the flora and fauna. He made our excursions very special. He's also a really nice guy!


On the first morning we saw monkeys swinging through the trees, sloths hanging from branches and countless exotic birds. Blue butterflies the size of my hand danced alongside our skiff as we paddled upstream through the Amazon's tributaries surrounded by lush, green jungle. We watched a giant river otter at the water's edge and fat iguanas sunning themselves on branches. We saw a tarantula, fire ants, toucans, hawks, kingfishers and many other inspects, birds and animals. 


We went in search of pink river dolphins where the Ucayali River meets the Amazon and watched for an hour while they slipped in and out of the water around our boat. A solitary heron looked down on us as we made our way back to the lodge while the setting sun dipped into the horizon turning the Amazon gold. 



Treehouse Lodge Peru

Expert Tips for your Treehouse Stay

  • Keep your jungle gear in a small separate holdall for easy transfer to your treehouse 
  • Take a good pair of binoculars for wildlife spotting
  • You'll need a hat to keep the sun off but the lodge provides Wellington boots for walks through the jungle
  • Pack a head torch - it's best to keep the main lights off at night to avoid attracting insects
  • Invest in some anti-mosquito clothing for your trip - I did and didn't get bitten once


For more information about the Treehouse Lodge or questions about Suzanne Jones' expert review, please contact us. You may also give us a call: 1-888-215-3555.

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