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Grace Galapagos Cruise

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The Grace Galapagos cruise is steeped in history, so what better vessel to take you through an archipelago itself endowed with a rich and fascinating past. The boat played her part in WWII as an annex to the Royal Navy Hospital and even had the honor of transporting the great Winston Churchill on one occasion. She was then repurposed and given as a wedding gift to Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco. They spent their honeymoon aboard the boat, floating around Corsica and Sardinia. Over the course of her life, she changed hands a number of times before she finally fell into the hands of Quasar Expeditions and now the Grace Galapagos cruise spends her days plying the water that surrounds the legendary Galapagos Islands.


Grace Galapagos Cruise


Despite her varied past, the Grace Galapagos shines like it’s her first day on the job. The exterior is a brilliant white interspersed with wooden doors and features. She looks utterly majestic as she sits patiently waiting for more eager adventurers to make themselves at home within her cabins. Despite an ample 145ft at the ship’s disposal, there is a maximum capacity of just 20 people. This means everyone has plenty of space and it never feels chaotic or cramped.


Galapagos Islands Cruise


The Grace Galapagos houses 10 cabins, which are divided into deluxe staterooms, premium staterooms, suites, master suites and one special Grace Kelly suite. Each room is equipped with its own private bathroom, air conditioning and windows that look out over the water. The cabins also have a gentle color scheme consisting of rich wooden paneling with splashes of cream and yellow. The ambiance in the rooms is serene, making your cabin the perfect place to curl up and sleep after a day exploring the islands.


Outside of the cabins, the boat has a number of communal areas where passengers can relax with a book or a drink. On the top deck is a dedicated sun-bathing area for those who want to work on their tan. There is also a Jacuzzi, an al fresco lounge and bar, and an indoor lounge and bar. Here, guests can debrief with one another about the day’s activities and mingle. Who knows, you might even make some life long friends aboard the Grace Galapagos.


Galapagos Islands


Breakfast and lunch are both served in the dining room and take the form of a buffet. This allows passengers to fill up with wholesome and nutritious food before they start the day and then again after the first half of the day’s activities. With a jam-packed itinerary every day, you’ll want to be fully energized to make the most of the organized excursions.


Grace Galapagos Cruise Itineraries


The Grace Galapagos services two different itineraries – “Following in Darwin’s Footsteps” and “Beyond Darwin’s Footsteps”. Both itineraries last for eight days and seven nights and cover completely different routes. Passengers can choose which one they prefer, or, if they have the time, choose a two-week package and cover both routes. This option allows you to see all of the highlights of the Galapagos Islands so you can leave feeling like you really made the most out of your trip.


Galapagos Grace Cruise


If you only have time for one itinerary, rest assured that whichever trip you choose, you will have an incredible time. Both trips include plenty of time for outdoors activities, including riding in Panga boats, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking and going on nature walks across the island. Each group is given a naturalist guide who is an expert at spotting Galapagos wildlife and who will be able to give you information about the animals you spot along the way. Back on the boat, the guide will give a full debrief about the day’s activities and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


The Galapagos Islands are one of the few places left on earth that are completely devoted to wildlife and nature and visiting them is like being transported to another world. Let the beautiful and historic Grace Galapagos be your base camp while you experience all of the wonder this archipelago has to offer. For more information about booking the Grace Galapagos cruise please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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