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How To Choose An Amazon River Cruise

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Choosing your Amazon River cruise should be fun, simple and easy. However, with so many different styles and itineraries to choose from, that's not always the case!


Luckily, Rainforest Cruises shows you how to choose an Amazon river cruise based on your personal preferences and budget, using our cruise compare tool. Watch the video above, or read through the instructions below, to start planning your once in a lifetime adventure to the Amazon rainforest.


How to find an Amazon River cruise that's perfect for you: 


1. Visit Rainforest Cruises

Once you've reached our homepage, scroll down to our "Find a Cruise" section. Here you can select a Cruise Style and a Cruise Destination. 


We've selected "Luxury" as the cruise style and "Peru" as the cruise destination. *Please note the different format on mobile.

We've selected "Luxury" as the cruise style and "Peru" as the cruise destination. *Please note the different format on mobile.



2. Select a Cruise Style

We've conveniently categorised Amazon River cruises into six styles, to help you narrow down your choices:


Luxury: Our luxury river boats are the equivalent of a 5-star hotel experience, and more! With gourmet cuisine, outstanding staff and first-rate accommodations on board, you'll be sure to have the best Amazon cruise experience possible. 


Superior: Our superior cruises are mid-range amazon riverboats that offer the perfect blend of comfort, adventure and affordability. Be pampered, informed and exhilarated in a breath-taking wilderness.


Comfort: Our comfort cruises are easier on the pocket but they boast some of the more interesting itineraries aboard traditional vessels full of character. They don't typically come equipped with air-conditioning or hot water, but the Amazon jungle experience is still the same. 


Family: Not all riverboats have the facilities to cater for families with young children. Here we have picked out the best cruise options for you aboard those vessels with great family-friendly features.


Honeymoon: Newly-wed and in search of a honeymoon unlike any other? Not many experiences can match the adventure and romance of the Amazon rainforest and its magical sunsets and starry night skies. 

Charter: A riverboat charter allows you to explore the Amazon in the privacy and comfort of your very own exclusive cruise. Ideal for families and groups looking for that something a little bit special.


Luxury Amazon Cruise in Peru.

Luxury Amazon Cruise in Peru.



3. Select a Cruise Destination

Once you've selected a Cruise Style, it's time to decide which country you would like to visit. Our Amazon river cruises are offered in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia. 


Peru: Peru is not only home to some of the most luxurious riverboats in Amazon, but it also contains the birthplace of the Amazon River itself. With other exciting destinations like Machu Picchu, Cusco and the Sacred Valley, Peru is often a favorite among travelers. 


Brazil: The Amazon Rainforest is synonymous with Brazil, not surprising given 60% of it is to be found within its borders. Explore the vast Central Amazon Biosphere Reserve influenced by the Negro and Solimões Rivers, with over 20 million hectares of protected habitat. *Please note: US, Canadian and Australian citizens require a visa to enter Brazil. 


Ecuador: As one of the world's 17 mega-diverse countries, Ecuador is a great choice for an Amazon River cruise, a wildlife hotspot home to a huge variety of species, many of them endemic. Ecuador is also home to the spectacular Galapagos Islands. Many travelers like to combine the two cruises for the ultimate bucket list vacation. 


Bolivia: The Bolivian Amazon lies more than a thousand kilometres from the mainstream of the mighty River Amazon itself and occupies a fraction of the total basin, and yet is still an excellent place to take an Amazon jungle tour. 



4. Compare Your Results (Only available on Desktop) 

Check off (top right hand corner) the riverboats that interest you and hit "Compare Cruises." Here you will be able to compare the different boat features, cabin features and our own personal opinions. Feel free to Contact Us at this point if you are having trouble selecting a cruise from your choices. 

1. Check Boats to Compare. 2. Click "Compare Selected Boats."

1. Check Boats to Compare. 2. Click "Compare Selected Boats."

We're comparing the Delfin II, Zafiro and Amazon Discovery Cruises.

We're comparing the Delfin II, Zafiro and Amazon Discovery Cruises.



5. Select a Boat and Choose an Itinerary

After you've compared your selected cruises, it's time to select the Amazon cruise that best suits your budget and preferences. Click on "View Boat Page." This takes you to more specific information about your selected cruise. You'll see that there is more than one itinerary to choose from. In our example, the Amazon Discovery has a 4-Day and 7-Day itinerary. We always recommend the longer cruise, since there is always so much to see in a destination like the Amazon rainforest. If you click on one of the itinerary tabs, you'll be able to see a map and detailed itinerary plan of where you'll be and what you'll be doing each day. 

We've selected the 7-Day Amazon Discovery Itinerary. 

We've selected the 7-Day Amazon Discovery Itinerary. 



6. Select a Custom Cruise Extension

Rainforest Cruises offers a variety of custom cruise extensions depending on your cruise destination. Travelers heading to Peru often like to combine their cruise with a stay at the Treehouse Lodge or a tour of Machu Picchu. Those going to Ecuador take advantage of booking a cruise to the Galapagos Islands to cross two bucket-list trips off their list. Whereas those who've selected Brazil, tour the country's marvelous city, Rio de Janeiro. If you just want to do a cruise, skip this step and Contact Us

Treehouse Lodge Cruise Extension in Peru 

Treehouse Lodge Cruise Extension in Peru 



7. Contact Us

Now that you've used the Cruise Compare tool, you should have a cruise that suits your needs in mind. Contact Us for more information about availability and reservations. If you're still feeling a little overwhelmed with the Amazon cruise selection, don't worry, just give us a call and we'll be happy to lead you in the right direction: +1 888 215 3555 or +1 727 498 0234.

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