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How to get to Iguazu Falls

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Observing the Iguazu Falls Landscape

Observing the Iguazu Falls Landscape

The spectacular waterfalls of the Iguazu River are located in the Iguazu National Park on the border of Argentina and Brazil, the giant waterfall system has 270 separate falls to observe, and is surrounded by unique flora and fauna while its vast mist evaporates into the surrounding jungle. Because the Falls are located in the southerly part of Brazil, it's ideal to combine your trip to the Falls with a trip to the country's capital, Rio de Janeiro with the Rio and Iguazu Falls Tour. Experience the golden beaches and colossal culture of Rio before flying to the Falls. It's also possible to start or finish your tour with a Brazilian Amazon cruise, to really experience the vast and changing landscape of impressive and diverse Brazil. The ways to reach the falls are outlined below, but remember, no matter which route you choose be sure to obtain the relevant visas and pay the relevant reciprocity fees in good time before you travel!


Flying to Iguazu Falls

Brazil is huge, it's so big that it takes up nearly half of all of the land in the continent of South America, so the best way to travel the country is by plane. There are two international airports close to the Falls, the Cataratas del Iguazu International Airport in Argentina and Foz do Iguacu International Airport in Brazil. The Argentine airport is closer, around 25 km from the town of Iguazu, but there are plenty of bus shuttles from both airports to the Falls, and from the Brazilian side you can get a panoramic view of the Falls. If you are flying within Argentina or Brazil airlines most airlines will first of all fly to the hub airports of Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Buenos Aires in Argentina, before making connecting flights to the Falls. Domestic airlines such as LAN and Aerolinas Argentinas fly direct to the Argentinian side of the Falls from Buenos Aires. While Brazilian airlines TAM, GOL, Azul and Webjet fly direct from most major Brazilian cities. LAN also offer direct flights from Lima in Peru to the Falls.


Flying from Argentina to Iguazu Falls

If you are hoping to get to the Iguazu Falls from Argentina, it's best to fly direct from Buenos Aires. Domestic airline Aerolinas Argentinas offer direct flights from the city several times a day. When you arrive on the Argentinian side of the Falls you willmost likely head to the local town of Puerto Igauzu, smaller than its Brazilian counterpart. From this part of the Falls you will be overwhelmed by the size and get up close and personal with the landscape.


Flying from Brazil to the Iguazu Falls

While Brazilian airlines TAM, GOL, Azul and Webjet fly direct from most major Brazilian cities including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janerio, Salvador, Londrina, Cascavel and Porto Alegre. Arriving on the Brazilian side you will touch down close to the large city of Foz de Iguazu, which has easy access to the Iguazu National Park, where the Falls are located.


Flying from North America 

If you are flying from North America to the Falls, you will have to make at least one change in a prominent South American airport in either Brazil or Argentina, usually either Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. In all cases you will have to make at least one to two connections, which is why choosing to take part in the Rio and Iguazu Falls Tour will allow you to make the most of this long journey. LAN offer direct flights from Miami, LA and New York, but usually involve a connection in either Lima or Sao Paulo. Brazilian airline TAM also serves plenty of locations in the US, an offer an air pass if you are planning to fly a few times in Brazil. Plenty of other airlines fly from North America to major cities in Brazil, including American Airlines, Air Canada, Continental, Delta and United, from Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, LA, Miami, Newark, New York, Orlando, Washington and Toronto

Aerial view of Iguazu Falls

Aerial view of Iguazu Falls

Flying from Europe

Dutch airline KLM offers a number of connecting flights from London, England, while British Airways and TAM offer direct flights into the major cities in Brazil, which would involve a connecting flight to the Falls once arriving in Brazil. Most other European airlines offer flights to Brazil with connections in either Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, including Air France, TAP, Iberia, Lufthansa, KLM and Swiss Airlines. TAP also offers a number of direct flights into Brazil, including direct flights to the Amazon regions of Brazil and Manaus.  

Flying from Asia and Australia

If you are coming from Japan, Australia or other parts of Asia, Japan Airlines and Korean Air fly directly to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil, and would require a change to the Iguazu Falls with a domestic airline. Alternatively, you can fly directly to Miami and change for a TAM flight to Manaus from there. If you are flying from Australia to the Falls, you can try Argentinian airline Aerolineas Argentinas, which fly directly to Buenos Aires, where you can connect to the Argentinian side of the Falls. LAN Chile also has one direct flight a week to Santiago, Chile, from Australia, but you may have to make a number of connections to get to the Falls.

Buses to Iguazu Falls

Getting a bus may be a fairly cheap option for getting to the Falls – but the Falls are around 16 hours by bus from the closest and largest cities in Brazil, Florianopolis and Sao Paulo, or from Buenos Aires you can take a 24-hour bus ride to the Falls. The bus may also not be as cheap as flying if you book your flight in advance, as bus rides can cost around $200 one way and will take a few days out of your trip.

Iguazu Falls 

Iguazu Falls 

While travelling to the Falls may mean a few stops in Brazil and Argentina, but you can make the most of your trip by combining the flight with the Rio and Iguazu Falls Tour. Experience the exciting city life of Rio de Janeiro, the exquisite beauty of the Iguazu Falls, and finish your tour with an incredible cruise through the Brazilian Amazon. If you still need more information about getting to Iguazu Falls then do not hesitate to contact us

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