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Is Machu Picchu Wheelchair Accessible?

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Visiting the Seven Wonders of the World is on many peoples bucket lists - so why would they not be on the list for the one billion disabled people in the world today? Unfortunately, due to a range of different factors, certain activities are much more difficult for those with disabilities to either access or complete. 2019 is the year this changed for wheelchair users. How, you ask? Well let me tell you…

Machu Picchu Wheelchair Access

How Did Wheelchair-oriented Tourism Finally Become a Well Deserved Priority?

Two friends broke the foundation of traveling opportunities when they decided to open the company Wheel the World. Their powerful ethos is to ‘empower people with disabilities to explore the world without limits’. Camilo Navarro and Alvaro Silberstein (WTW founders) decided to concentrate on offering possibilities to these users, fleeing to Berkeley to study business and make their concept a reality. Silberstein is a wheelchair user himself, whilst Navarro is not; Lifelong friends from Chile, you can understand just how important it was to both of these determined and innovative men to create something so amazing, even when it seemed unattainable. Navarro states that accessibility is a matter of being creative, as many locations cannot be visited due to erosion concerns or modification restrictions that would potentially cause danger to disabled visitors. 

The wheelchairs physical design is nothing short of genius, with the capacity and strength to handle multiple excursions, all the while keeping the user comfortable and safe. Described as resembling a wheelbarrow, the wheelchair is created from light aluminium and steel, with one wheel positioned underneath the seat and two handles positioned in front. This means that wheelchair-using tourists wishing to take these trips will require a travel companion, but that just means more people to share the fun with! Wheel the World have created four different stylized vehicles for wheelchair users planning on taking vacations. Currently covering five different countries, wheelchair users have the option of specially created unique itineraries in Chile, Mexico, Peru, Tanzania and the United States. 

Ph. Wheel the World

Ph. Wheel the World

How Do Wheelchair Users Access Machu Picchu?

Wheel the World offer fantastic itineraries for Machu Picchu covered in one day, or extended tours covering Cusco and surrounding areas as well. A trip from Aguas Calientes starts at $398, with options rising all the way up to 6 days/5 nights around Cusco and Machu Picchu, in no less than 4-star hotels for $2,900 per person. Each trip is tailor made and can be edited for each persons personal preference. Long winded city tours and distinguishably high altitudes will be strenuous on anyone, including able bodied individuals, so keeping your energy and resilience up is always important on these voyages no matter your ability. 

Excursions can cover downtown Cusco, ancient ruins including Sacred Valley and Ollantaytambo, the world-renowned Machu Picchu and even Kayaking in Piuray Lake Piuray. Machu Picchu is a UNESCO world heritage site that has been trekked and explored by able-bodied individuals since its rise to international attention in 1911. Now 108 years later, it can be traveled all the way to the 2430 meters above sea level peak, by wheelchair users too. This historic sanctuary is completely unmissable and it is undeniable that the recent progress made by Wheel the World will also be historical in its own right. If you are reading this and you are a wheelchair user, grab your passport and call your friends as your options are growing by the bucketload. What are you waiting for? This is only the beginning, go start your adventure!

Amazon Cruise

Take Your Chance to Explore The Amazon & Machu Picchu

Here at Rainforest Cruises we offer a wheelchair accessible cruise journey on the superior Iberostar vessel. Please be aware that this is not in conjunction with WTW and takes place in Amazon jungle in Brazil. Rainforest Cruises can seamlessly combine an Amazon River cruise with a Machu Picchu tour. Our experts sales team can happily help you organize your trip, however do keep in mind that not all excursions may be accessible for wheelchair users due to weather and accessibility. If you are interested in booking with us, please contact our team to see what we can offer you; send us an enquiry or call 1-888-215-3555

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