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Jangada Amazon River Cruise

  |   Brazil

On April 2nd 2018 construction of a brand new Amazon River cruise began. This riverboat will be named La Jangada, as a tribute to the French author Jules Verne and his novel La Jangada, which was published in 1881. The story takes place between Belèm in Brazil and the city of Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon. This part of the world is steeped in mystery and filled with natural wonder. A cruise along the rivers that carve through the jungle is the best way to experience everything the Amazon Rainforest has to offer. La Jangada will be the latest addition to these powerful waterways and aims to create an immersive experience whereby passengers can become one with their natural surroundings. The boat expects to be operational by April 2019.


Jangada Amazon River Cruise


La Jangada will have 12 luxurious and spacious cabins on board, each with a private bathroom and large windows that look out on to the water. Here, guests will be able to drift off into a peaceful slumber aboard their floating home. Outside of their cabin, guests will be able to enjoy the rich delicacies served up in the ship’s restaurant and take advantage of the comfortable lounge and bar areas. On deck, you can gaze out at the world class surroundings that pass by leisurely as you drift along the river. With unparalleled natural beauty just an arm’s length away, you will be able to fully connect with the great outdoors and forget about the outside world.


Jangada Cruise


Of course, only half of your time will be spent on the boat. The rest of your time will be taken up with activities and excursions in the jungle. There will be two available routes on La Jaganda, the first starting in Tefé and the second in Tabatinga and both ending up in Manaus. Manaus is a jungle city, located deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. The city has a rich history and is now used as a spring board for those hoping to explore the rainforest.


The first itinerary offers a number of opportunities for wildlife spotting. One stop is the Mamiraua Reserve, home to the Uacari monkey. On the way there, keep your eyes peeled for the rare pink dolphins that occasionally surface in the water. Overhead, birds of all shapes, sizes and colours flap their wings and squawk, creating a symphony of sounds. Other highlights of this itinerary include fishing for giant catfish in the Purus River and visiting an indigenous village to learn about their customs and way of life.


Amazon River Cruise Brazil


The second itinerary, beginning in Tabatinga, starts with a journey to the Colombian city of Leticia. Here, you will be able to explore the handicraft shops for homemade goods and watch the colourful parrots congregate in the city park at sunset. From here, your trip will continue through to Peru before coming back into Brazil. The inclusion of three different countries allows you to experience the different ways the Amazon rainforest is treated by different countries and will allow you to see as much variety and diversity as possible.


We are very excited to see La Jaganda in action next year and cannot wait to see the itineraries outlined above put into practice. If you are planning a trip through the Amazon and want top-class comfort on a brand new vessel, watch this space to book your place. For more information about the Jangada Amazon cruise, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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