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Kayaking In The Amazon

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Kayaking in the Amazon Rainforest

Kayaking in the Amazon Rainforest

A Brazilian Amazon cruise aboard a riverboat has always been one of the most active, authentic and adventurous in the Amazon, but now they will be even more so. Starting June 9th, guests will be able to quietly paddle in the most remote rainforest wildernesses on earth in one of their new kayaks!

Travellers can now choose between the morning skiff jungle excursions or they can paddle with a skilled guide to observe the magnificent flora and fauna of the Amazon. Each excursion will be about two hours long and in still water. The guides will help paddlers, both novice and experienced, to safely enjoy this extraordinary rainforest experience. Please note that the guides are local, with expert knowledge of the river and its currents, but are not bilingual. 

To ensure the highest level of safety, the kayaks provided are high quality and simple "sit-on-top" boats. Available only in the USA, it only took five months to clear customs in Brazil! But they've now arrived!

Here are just four of the many reasons that make trips aboard the a small riverboat one of the most interesting and fun Amazon experiences:

1) Small Groups: On her fixed departures there will be a maximum of 9 cabins accepted. By keeping the group size small, they stay focused on the forest and are not distracted by a mob scene. A small group also allows guests to spend much more time with the guides which really enriches the experience.

2) Highly Skilled Guides: The guides are some of the very best in the Amazon. They are naturalists which helps us unlock the secrets of the magnificent wildlife of the rainforest.

3) Exploratory: Every cruise departure is a little different. The boat and her crew make an effort to visit particular places only a few times per year. This ensures that the trips are interesting for both the guests and the guides and the trips are never routine tourist traps. Customers often see creatures missed by other travelers!

4) Experience: Amazon River cruises have been conducting trips in the Amazon since 1989 and their attention to detail is second to none, doing everything possible to make the trips interesting and enjoyable for guests.

To Book an Amazon River cruise in Brazil please contact us or See All Brazil Amazon Cruises.

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