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La Selva Lodge

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The Amazon jungle is the most important ecosystem in the world. A hive of biodiversity, the leafy canopy is home to a plethora of exotic birds, while large mammals and snakes scurry and slither across the damp earth beneath it. Yet, the Amazon is more than just a place for spotting wildlife. This jungle has a deep spiritual importance, particularly among the indigenous people of Peru, Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador. Their cultures have survived centuries and are fascinating to discover.


La Selva Lodge


La Selva Jungle Lodge


La Selva Lodge (la selva is Spanish for jungle) is buried within the dense vegetation of the glorious Amazon rainforest. The lodge is situated in the Ecuadorian section of the Amazon, on the outskirts of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, which teems with thousands of beautiful and endemic plant and animal species. Using the lodge as a base, guests will be able to experience the true wonders of the Amazon jungle.


The lodgings in La Selva are the archetype of rustic beauty combined with modern luxury. Sitting along the banks of Lake Garzacocha, the 19 suites have stunning views out over the water or in towards the mysterious jungle. The rooms have been built using light wood for the walls and furnishings, which have then been embellished with bamboo.


La Selva Lodge Ecuador


Complementing the wooden fixtures are gentle fabrics in white and cream. The juxtaposition of these colours and textures gives the room a bright, spacious feel – conducive to a relaxing atmosphere. Each suite also has its own en-suite bathroom, which is equipped with a rainforest shower and other modern amenities.


The overall design of the lodge is inspired by local traditions that have been used by natives for centuries. The rooms are big and shady, meaning that they stay cool even during the hottest hours of the day. This is an essential feature for a jungle lodge given the high temperatures that can occur in the Amazon. Furthermore, there is no air conditioning at the lodge, as part of the lodge’s pledge to protecting the environment and adopting sustainable practices. Instead, each room relies on its careful design to keep it cool and a ceiling fan to circulate the air.


Amazon Jungle Lodge


Keeping with the theme of luxury, La Selva Lodge has its very own spa where guests can indulge in some pampering after a day of exploring the jungle. The beauty of the rainforest and the lake creates the perfect backdrop to a spa treatment. Allow your cares to evaporate completely as you enjoy a massage in the tranquillity of these natural surroundings.


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Ecuadorian food hasn’t really made it big on the global cuisine scene and that’s a shame. The restaurant at La Selva Lodge shows just how incredible the local gastronomy here can be. Fresh, local produce is cooked up daily and presented in an exquisite fashion for an exceptional dining experience. The use of locally sourced food is just another way in which the lodge is committed to sustainable practices.


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Days at La Selva Lodge are easily filled thanks to the vast number of activities on offer. Guests can climb the lodge’s 125ft observation tower for spectacular vistas of the rainforest or check out one of the clay licks, home to brightly coloured macaws and parrots. There are also a number of night excursions available both by foot and in a canoe. Those looking to learn more about the local culture can visit the Kichwa Community Centre and observe the indigenous way of life.


If you are of an active disposition and want to do some walking or hiking, there are a number of trails that are easily accessible from La Selva Lodge. These include the Chaguamango Trail, which starts at the lodge, and the Marmoset Trail. The Marmoset Trail winds through the part of the jungle which is home to the Pygmy Marmoset – the world’s smallest monkey. If you’re up for a challenge then take on the Sacha Huagra Trail. You’ll be richly rewarded with the chance to see some truly incredible wildlife.


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If you wish the really get the best out of the Amazon rainforest, we recommend combining your lodge stay with an Amazon River cruise. The Manatee Cruise and the award-winning Anakonda are Ecuador's best and easily fit into La Selva lodges itinerary. If you prefer to explore a different region of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Quito or Mashpi Lodge, would be great options. 


Being fully immersed in nature whilst in the Amazon jungle is the best way to maximise your experience. At La Selva Lodge, you will be flanked by vegetation on every side and will be able to drift off to the faint sound of animal cries at night. For more information about the La Selva Lodge in Ecuador, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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