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Lomas de Lucumo: A Day Trip From Lima Peru

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Just 34 km from the capital city of Lima, Peru sits the unique ecosystem of Lomas de Lucumo. During the winter months (June-October), the combination of sloping hills, ravines and mist coming from the ocean lead to rich vegetation and beautiful greenery taking over the park, making a striking natural environment that stands out amongst the surrounding desert. Lomas de Lucumo is a wonderful day trip for those wanting a dose of nature outside of the big metropolis of Lima, and is especially popular with trekkers who come to explore the expansive network of hiking trails within the park. Here is everything you need to know about Lomos de Lucumo: what is is, why to go, and how to get there. 


Lomas de Lucumo Hiking Trails in September.

Lomas de Lucumo Hiking Trails in September.


The Unique Ecosystem of Lomas de Lucumo


The winter season in Lomas de Lucumo is an explosion of life and nature coming to after the drier summer months before.  From June to October, the winter season, ocean mists get trapped amongst the hills of Lomas de Lucumo, providing the moisture needed for the natural environment to flourish. The green is quickly reborn, dotted with the blooming yellow of the endemic amancaes flowers. Tara, mito and lucuma trees became heavy with fresh fruit, as newborn animals and insects begin to roam wild. Local inhabitants include palo-palo (stick insects), snails, robins, foxes, and hawks. 



Lomas de Lucumo Activities

Lomas de Lucumo Activities


What to Do at Lomas de Lucumo


Lomas de Lucumo offers a few trekking trails, all of which are fairly easy and accessible to any fitness level, as well as several other adventure sports such as rock climbing and mountain biking. 


For those who prefer trekking, consider taking a guided trek with a knowledgeable local who can inform you about the natural surroundings. From ancient archaeological sites with cave paintings to dramatic formations in the towering rocks to abandoned silver and gold mines, the nature is not the only highlight here at Lomos de Lucumo. There are two trekking routes available here: the longer route, which stretches for 5 kilometers and requires 4 hours, and the shorter route which is half of the distance. 



Lomas de Lucumo Green Landscape

Lomas de Lucumo Green Landscape


Tickets to Lomas de Lucumo


An entrance ticket to Lomas de Lucumo is S /. 3.50 for adults, and S /. 2 for children. For those wishing to hire a guided for the walk through the park, the service is S/. 25 (for groups of 15 people maximum). 


Camping is also possible at Lomas de Lucumo, for a fee of S/. 5 per person. There are no camping facilities, so campers will need to bring their own tent and supplies (these can easily be purchased or rented in Lima). 


All tickets sales go back to park maintenance and improvement. 




Enjoying a Day Hike at Lomas de Lucumo

Enjoying a Day Hike at Lomas de Lucumo

How to Get There


It is possible to get to Lomas de Lucumo from Lima by both public and private transportation. 

For those wishing to arrive by public transportation, you can take a combination of buses and motortaxis from Lima. First, take the 16 & 18 bus lines (white with brown stripes) that take the Panamerica Sur highway. Some will run all the way to Pachacamac, while others will go to San Bartolo. If you take these lines, you will need to get off at the junction of Pachacamac (Av. Paul Poblet). From here, you can take a taxi colectivo (white van jeepney) to the entrance of the Plaza de Armas de Pachacamac. Next, take a motortaxi from the Estacion de Mototaxis to Quebrada Verde. Getting from Lima to Lomas de Lucumo by public transportation can take approximately 1 hour, depending on traffic. 


From those preferring to arrive by public transportation, it is possible to arrange a driver for the day, hire a taxi, or rent a car. For those driving, you will also want to take the Panamerican Highway and take the turnoff to the Sanctuary of Pachacamac when you see the Conchan refinery. Follow this road to the junction of the Avenues Paul Poblet & Panamericana Sur Antigua, then take Paul Poblet to the village of Pachacamac until you reach the Quebrada Verde bridge. From here, follow the signs. By private transport, you can reach Lomas de Lucumo from Lima in approximately 50 minutes. 



Trekkers and nature lovers will enjoy visiting Lomas de Lucumo as a unique day trip just outside of Lima. In under one hour you will be transported to this lush, green world away from the coastal capital city, for a day trip that will show you a truly fascinating environment. Contact Us for more information.

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