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Manatee Amazon Explorer Cruise

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Welcome to the Amazon Rainforest, where the outside world becomes a mere memory and natural beauty is the order of the day, every day. The Manatee Amazon Explorer Cruise snakes along the rivers that flow through the Ecuadorian portion of the rainforest. Often overshadowed by neighboring Peru and Brazil, Ecuador does not get nearly as many rainforest explorers as these other countries. This is a blessing for those who do decide to venture into Ecuador’s rainforest, as they are likely to have the whole place to themselves. 

Manatee Amazon Cruise

Manatee Amazon Cruise

One of the most important things to consider when choosing what kind of Amazon cruise to do is the quality of the boat. Sure, the Amazon will be the same whichever vessel you choose to board, but your experience of it and the memories you take away will be completely different. If you opt for a sub-standard cruise ship then you spend your activity time dreading the moment you have to get back on board the ship and this can taint your entire vacation. However, if you opt for something a little more luxurious, you can guarantee a fantastic time both on your floating home and off.

The Manatee has beautifully designed cabins, decorated with light colors that make the room feel bright and breezy. On top of that, the rooms get plenty of natural light through the full length windows that face out on to the water. You also have the pleasure of a small balcony for when you want to fill your lungs with fresh jungle air. If you want more outside space while you’re on the boat, the top deck has a number of sun loungers where you can soak up some rays and observe the jungle. 

Manatee Amazon Explorer Cruise

The itineraries available on the Manatee range from four to eight days, but they all have one thing in common: maximum fun. The itineraries are tailored to take every kind of passenger into account. There is a healthy mixture of educational and adventurous activities – often excursions involve a mixture of the two. There will be abundant wildlife-spotting opportunities as well as the opportunity to learn about indigenous cultures. For those who want to get the adrenaline pumping, there is a kayaking excursion that ends with the option of taking a splash in a lake with piranhas; and a 100ft vertical climb to the top of an Observation Tower.

Manatee Cruise Ecuador

The Amazon Rainforest is a delicate ecosystem that needs our protection. For this reason, the owners of the Manatee have started three programs concerned with the welfare of the rainforest and its inhabitants. Passengers on board the ship will have the opportunity to directly contribute and participate in these programs and to learn about the invaluable work they are doing. The three programs are aimed at conservation of turtles, manatees, and pink river dolphins.

Are you excited yet? If all of that wasn’t enough, whilst on the cruise you will also have the possibility to add on an additional excursion, which involves glamping (luxury camping) in the jungle. You’ll have opulent tents to sleep in and will be treated to a gourmet BBQ complete with champagne. This is guaranteed to be an experience unlike any you have had before. After heartily feasting, you will drift off to the sounds of animals rustling through the trees – completely at one with nature. For more information about the Manatee Amazon Explorer Cruise, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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