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Marie River Sports Fly Fishing in Brazil

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Deep within the Brazilian Amazon, towards the Colombian border, is the Rio Marié (Marie River). It takes the form of a tributary and flows out of the Rio Negro, a river famed for its murky black water. The entirety of the Rio Marié is located within an isolated indigenous territory, around 500 miles from the city of Manaus.


Manaus is the hub of the fly-fishing operations that take place on the Rio Marié. The most important city in the Brazilian Amazon, Manaus is in equal parts chaotic and charming and exudes a distinctly Amazonian vibe.


Sport Fishing Untamed Amazon


The concept of the fly-fishing project in and around the Rio Marié is built on sustainability. The experience takes participants into areas of virgin jungle, to explore creeks, lakes and the Rio Marié tributary. The idea is to offer a once in a lifetime chance to fly fish (only fly fishing is permitted) for peacock bass, a known trophy fish in these waters.


The project has been approved by the Brazilian Government and is the only fly fishing operation of its kind in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. The result of all of this is the ability to offer access to a unique and beautiful fishery that is bound the blow people away. Those with an interest in fly-fishing and the desire to seek out a coveted peacock bass will have ample opportunity to do so here. Peacock bass ranging between ten and twenty pounds are found in these waters, including some in excess of twenty pounds.


Marie River Sports Fly Fishing in Brazil


For anglers, this experience is sure to be a highlight of their life. They will have access to around 500 miles of untouched water, teeming with monster fish ready to be caught, admired and released.


At the end of a long day of fishing, travellers are invited to sleep aboard the Untamed Amazon Cruise. This boat has been specifically designed for this fly-fishing project and is the first vessel in the Amazon to use 100% solar energy for all its electricity needs. There are eight suites available for guests of the Rio Marié fishing trip. Each room comes with luxurious beds, air conditioning (a must in the sultry jungle) and modern en-suite facilities.


Untamed Amazon Cruise


On the upper floor of the boat is a spacious dining area, where guests can enjoy freshly prepared meals. There is also a lounge and two large Jacuzzi, which accommodate around ten people in total. Floor to ceiling windows throughout the boat allow plenty of natural light to filter through to all of the living spaces and offer up some spectacular views of the water that surrounds the boat.


The standard itinerary for this fishing trip includes six full days of fishing and seven nights. From Manaus, guests will be picked up at the Tropical Manaus Hotel and flown out to the Untamed Amazon vessel in an amphibious plane. Once aboard the boat, you will have some time to familiarise yourself with its facilities before heading off the following day for your first day of fishing.


The days involve several hours of fishing, broken up with a picnic style lunch on the river. The aim of each day is to see how many of the peacock bass you manage to catch. There are 15 different species of peacock bass in these waters, all of varying shapes and sizes. Will you be lucky enough to join the twenty-pounder club during your trip?


Fly Fishing in Brazil


In the evenings, you will return to the boat for drinks on the deck and dinner in the dining room. Finally, it will be time to retire to your room to get a good night’s sleep before starting it all again the next day.


The trip includes charter flights, transfers, meals and drinks, accommodation, fishing licences and six days of guided fishing. Bear in mind that you will be responsible for arranging your own visa before entering Brazil. Gratuities are also not included.


At the end of your fishing trip, you will return to Manaus. You may well want to spend a night or two here to explore some of the sights of the city. The Opera House, the Natural Science Museum and the Municipal Market are all attractions of Manaus, Brazil.


If you’re a keen angler and want to see some untouched parts of the Brazilian Amazon then the Rio Marié fly-fishing trip is an absolute must. For more information about booking this trip, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555

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