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Mashpi Lodge Ecuador

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The Mashpi Lodge is one of Ecuador’s finest offerings by way of accommodation and we are going to look at just what makes it so magnificent.


Ecuador is often left off South America travel lists – it gets overlooked in favour of its increasingly popular neighbours Peru and Colombia. Those who do venture to Ecuador tend to bee-line straight to the Galapagos Islands with little consideration for mainland Ecuador. Yet, there is a lot to be said for this Latin gem and not least because there are far less tourists here than in many other countries.


Mashpi Lodge Birdwatching


From the golden coastline, peppered with quaint fishing towns, to the dense, lush Amazon Rainforest in the South, Ecuador has a varied and captivating landscape. But, the country’s pride and joy is without a doubt its bustling capital, Quito. Featuring gorgeous architecture, markets stocked with everything you could possibly imagine and an uber-cool Boho area, Quito has a little something for everyone.


Venture out of Quito’s city centre and you are immediately surrounded by mountains. Quito is, after all, the highest capital city in the world, sitting at 2,850 m above sea level. This is where the Mashpi Lodge comes into play. It might surprise you but this stunning eco-lodge, flanked on every side by thick, verdant foliage, lies within the boundaries of the Metropolitan District of Quito.


Utterly beautiful and kitted out with every mod-con you could hope for, the Mashpi Lodge is an unforgettable accommodation that can be easily accessed from Quito. Yet, despite its proximity to the city, it is a world away from its hustle and bustle.


The lodge is located in Ecuador's Andean cloud forest (subtropical rainforest that covers the slopes of Andes mountains). The forest has a high biodiversity, with a variety of little-studied wildlife and plants. The cloud forest is a cool and humid environment with frequent canopy level cloud cover. Here, you can find many orchid species, spectacled bear, Andean coati and many rare hummingbird species. 


Mashpi Lodge Ecuador

The Mashpi Lodge

The lodge is a striking construction that oozes modernity whilst at the same time blends in well with its natural surroundings. Its frame was built using stone and glass among other materials while its colour scheme uses resplendent earth tones, conducive to a calming ambiance.


On one side of the lodge there is a huge open-air terrace, which offers guests spectacular, panoramic views over the forest. From here you can listen to the calls of the monkeys and birds that inhabit this region. You might even be able to spot some if you’re lucky.



Mashpi Lodge Rooms

Mashpi Lodge Rooms

 If the outside wasn’t enough to completely bowl you over, the rooms should do the trick. Decked out with floor to ceiling windows, the views you will get from your bed or bath are truly second to none. Indeed, it is easy to forget you are surrounded by walls as you feel so immersed in the wildlife.


Guests can choose from a room or a suite during their stay. Whichever you choose, you can be sure to have a huge, comfortable bed along with a modern ensuite that comes with the amenities you need. Fitting with the rest of the Mashpi Lodge, the rooms are decorated with a delicate array of colours, including white, taupe and burnt orange.



food at mashpi lodge

Food at the Mashpi Lodge

The Mashpi Lodge boasts a huge, spacious dining room with high ceilings that extend two floors up. In the kitchen, the chefs concoct the finest Ecuadorian food, taking influence from cuisines from all over the country. Be sure to try the ceviche at lunch time as it is one of the South America’s most prominent – and delicious – dishes. With mood lighting and a gorgeous interior design, the restaurant is one of the highlights of the Mashpi Lodge.


If you’re feeling thirsty either before or after dinner then the Explorers’ Bar is an excellent place to relax with a drink and either mingle or simply sit and watch the world go by. Fabulous wines from Argentina and Chile along with an array of different cocktails feature on the menu here. Enjoy!





Nothing ends a day of exploring the jungle better than a bit of relaxation in a spa. The Mashpi Lodge is well aware of this and it is for this reason they have created the perfect wellness centre for their guests. Their extensive and rejuvenating list of treatments allows visitors to truly unwind during their stay here. The only difficulty will be choosing which type of massage you want.


If your original plan for visiting Ecuador was to go to the Galapagos Islands then why not combine that with a stay at the Mashpi Lodge. Almost all international flights will go through Quito so it is a great place to ease yourself into South American life. Give yourself a few days in Quito and the Mashpi Lodge before you head to the islands and you are guaranteed a holiday you will never forget. For more information about booking the Mashpi Lodge please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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