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Mekong Delta Tour

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The Mekong River is one of the most impressive waterways in the world, running through six different countries for almost 4,500km. Over the course of millennia this powerful river has witnessed empires rise and fall, landscapes transform and historical decisions take place. Yet, the Mekong is so much more than just a river – for the millions of people that live along its fertile banks, the Mekong River is a provider of livelihoods. Originally a means of transport, supplier of food and invaluable agricultural tool, the river now has an added feature for the local people – tourism. The Mekong Delta attracts thousands of curious foreigners every year who want to explore the region and try to understand the culture that has built up around it. For the Mekong-dwelling people, this equates to a huge boost for the local economy as well as the opportunity to share their lifestyle with the rest of the world.


Aqua Mekong Cruise


Mekong Delta River Tour

The best way to explore this unique part of the world is to hop on a river cruise and float along the watery road of the Mekong River. This way you will get the chance to experience the striking mixture of chaos and serenity that the water has to offer. A few of the Aqua Mekong river cruise itineraries cruise down to the Mekong Delta area. The 5-star cruise takes lucky passengers on a journey into Vietnam and Cambodia along the mighty Mekong River to Chinese wing-tipped pagoda temples and remote Buddhist monasteries, the 62.4 meter (205 feet) Aqua Mekong was designed by Saigon-based architects at Noor Design to embody the aesthetic of a sophisticated five star hotel. This cruise is truly the most luxurious vessel touring the Mekong Delta area. 


Mekong Delta Tour


What You Will See on a Mekong Delta Tour


1. Floating Markets

During your travels you might have come across a floating hotel or even a floating restaurant but it is unlikely that you will have encountered a floating market. Here, vendors float along the water hawking everything from fish to fruit. It might seem a strange spectacle, but to the people that call the Mekong their home, nothing could be more normal. The most famous floating markets in Vietnam are Cai Be and Cai Rang but there are plenty of other smaller ones to explore if you can’t make it to those ones. For the most authentic experience make your way over at 5 or 6 am, just as the market is waking up and coming to life.


2. Wildlife

Of course, you can’t have a river without a bit of wildlife in and around it but the Mekong Delta takes this to a whole different level. In terms of biological diversity, the Mekong is a haven for wildlife with thousands of different species of mammals, reptiles and birds. Animal-lovers will have a fantastic time spotting exotic birds through their binoculars or cruising along the water in search of the rare but exceptionally beautiful Irrawaddy dolphin. You might also spot a freshwater stingray or giant catfish if you’re lucky. 


River Tour Mekong Delta


3. Nature

Also known as the rice bowl of nature, the Mekong Delta, as aforementioned, is a powerful agricultural tool. The water from the river has seeped into the surrounding land making the ground exceptionally fertile. While this has practical uses for the locals, for travellers who don’t depend upon the fat of the land here, it has a whole other appeal. There is something truly sublime about travelling along the water gawping at the lush rice paddies and verdant forests that fringe the river on either side. If you want to check out the power of Mother Nature in full force, the Mekong Delta is the place to do it.


4. Culture

With the Mekong Delta being so pivotal to the lives of the people that live within its vicinity, a whole world has been built alongside it in order to best take advantage of its life-giving powers. Whilst cruising, visitors will get a chance to witness daily life in action. Crafters create their crafts, sellers sell their wares and children run, yell and play in the water. This is what life if like in the Mekong Delta. Throw in a couple of temples here and there and you have a picture perfect snapshot of traditional Mekong culture.


What to do Mekong Delta Tour


The Mekong Delta is a world away from anything you will have experienced before and a cruise along the river is a unique way to make the most of everything the area has to offer. As opposed to exploring the region on the land, a river cruise has the added benefit of eliminating the need to constantly find food and accommodation – leaving you with much more time to enjoy the delights of the river. Furthermore, on board the cruise you will have a knowledgeable guide who will be able to fill your head with fascinating information about the things you see along the way. For more information about booking a Mekong Delta Tour, contact us, or call 1-888-215-3555.

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