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Have you ever wanted to explore Southeast Asia? Does the idea of being immersed in a completely new culture thrill you? A cruise along the Mekong River offers travelers the chance to experience the delights of Cambodia and Vietnam from the unique perspective of the water.


As you wind along this incredible waterway, you will get an authentic insight into what life is like on the banks of one of the most powerful rivers in the world. Even more than that, a Mekong River cruise allows you to see both Vietnam and Cambodia, as one country seamlessly transitions into the other.


Mekong River Cruises


What Are the Mekong Cruise Ships Like?


Here at Rainforest Cruises we currently offer three Mekong River cruises:

1. Aqua Mekong

2. Jahan

3. Jayavarman


Each of the three vessels has its own personality, but one thing they all have in common is luxury. Passengers aboard any of our Mekong cruises will enjoy fine dining, service of the highest quality and all manner of amenities, including one or more of the following: a pool, gym, spa, lounge, sun deck.


Passengers on one of our cruises will also be able to choose between standard cabins and one of the ship’s premium rooms. Standard cabins are equipped with private bathrooms and big windows, from which the river can be seen in all its glory. Each cabin also boasts a huge, plush bed and other luxurious furnishings. Superior rooms and suites are extra spacious and have even more opulent décor and furnishings.


Cruising Mekong River


What Will I See on a Mekong Cruise?


Itineraries for Mekong cruises vary from boat to boat but there are some highlights that are universal. Perhaps the most impressive stop along your cruise will be in Siem Reap in Cambodia. Here, passengers will disembark for the day to explore the iconic Angkor Wat temples. There are few other sights on earth that quite compare to the sun coming up over the temples, casting its rays across the lily pond that ripples in front of the main palace.


Most cruises will also stop at one of the floating markets that can be found along the river. Cai Be in Vietnam is one of the most popular floating markets and is usually a hit with visitors who are awestruck by the sounds, smells and colors of the boats laden with goods.


Another popular stop on the itinerary is Phnom Penh, the fascinating capital of Cambodia. Whilst here you will get the chance to learn about the city’s turbulent history and explore some of its harrowing memorial sites. Visitors will also be able to visit the royal palace and get the chance to pick up some handmade Khmer crafts.


Along your journey you will get the opportunity to meet local people, who are always more than happy to show you how they live through workshops and hans on experiences. You’ll also get to sample local delicacies and even try your hand at cooking them yourself.


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How Long Does a Mekong Cruise Last?


There is a range of different itineraries for all of our boats. These last as little as just 4 days or as many as 8 days. Naturally, the longer you spend on a Mekong cruise the more you will get to see. Alternatively you might want to combine your river cruise with a land excursion so you get to see as much of Vietnam and Cambodia as possible.


If you want to experience Southeast Asia in a whole new way then a Mekong cruise is the way to do it. Relax in your floating home as you sail along the gentle water, soaking up the sunshine and absorbing the wonders that surround you. This is sure to be an experience you will never forget. For more information about booking a Mekong Cruise, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.  

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