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Napo Wildlife Center

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Emerald green swathes of pristine rainforest as far as the eye can see is what you'll see at the Napo Wildlife Center. The air filled with the calls and cries of the animals that inhabit your surroundings and the sun glinting off the mysterious black water of the Añangu Lake. Fringing the banks of this lake sit wooden cabins with thatched roofs, each enclosing a luxurious room for an intrepid jungle explorer. If this sounds postcard perfect, that’s because it is.


Napo Wildlife Center


About the Napo Wildlife Center in Ecuador


Tucked away in the Yasuní National Park in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest is the Napo Wildlife Center Eco-Lodge. Those who want to get away from civilization and forget about the outside world during their vacation need look no further. This eco-lodge ticks all the boxes for the ultimate Amazon Rainforest vacation destination. The lodge is only accessible by boat and is reached by a two hour boat ride along the Napo River from the town of El Coca. This will be your first opportunity to admire the fine work Mother Nature has done in this part of the world. Eventually, the Napo River will branch off to the Añangu Lake and the lodge will come into view. This will be your home for the next few days.


Napo Wildlife Center Ecuador


The first things you will notice about the Napo Wildlife Center Eco-Lodge is that it is a lot more luxurious than you imagined. You probably thought that a jungle lodge would be basic, rustic and less comfortable than what you’re used to at home. Fortunately, the lodge has managed to combine luxury with adventure so you don’t need to sacrifice an iota of comfort during your stay. And, all of this is provided in the most sustainable way possible, allowing the lodge to live in harmony with the rainforest. Electricity is generated using solar panels and water is taken from the lake and purified before being served to guests to drink.


Each of the rooms in the lodge is designed to make sure you want for nothing during your stay. King-sized beds face large windows that allow plenty of natural sunlight to stream through and brighten up the room. The rooms all have private bathrooms with hot water showers and there are ceiling fans to keep you cool at night. You won’t be spending much time in your room, but the time you do spend there will be comfortable and memorable.


Amazon Jungle Lodges


The main section of the lodge is where debriefs with guides and encounters with fellow visitors take place. You will also find here a library, bar, restaurant, and social areas. If you want to spend your down time checking out the wildlife that lives around the lodge, there is a 20ft observation tower that offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. Alternatively, there is a short trail that runs behind the lodge and is perfect for searching for nocturnal creatures.


When you’re not in the lodge, you will be out exploring the Amazon Rainforest on one of the lodge’s carefully curated tours. No two days are the same during your stay and there is a huge range of activities for you to enjoy. A typical morning may include a trip to the parrot clay lick or to visit an indigenous village. In the afternoon you could find yourself floating down the river in a canoe or searching for birds from the observation tower. While there is no guarantee which animals you will see, you can rest assured you will never have a dull moment at the Napo Wildlife Center Eco-Lodge.


Map of Napo Wildlife Center


Has your interest in the Amazon Rainforest been piqued? Do you want to learn more about this fascinating and diverse part of the world? If the answer to either of these questions is yes then your next vacation simply has to be to the Napo Wildlife Center Eco-Lodge. There is no experience quite like immersing yourself in some of the world’s most outstanding natural scenery. This lodge may be combined with the Anakonda or Manatee Amazon cruise. For more information please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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