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Have you ever heard of the Pantanal region in Brazil? It turns out that this section of the Brazil is its best kept secret. Overshadowed by the bright lights of Rio de Janeiro and exotic waters of the Amazon River, the Pantanal hasn’t had much of a look in. But, that’s all about to change as we bring one of Brazil’s most spectacular regions to light. 


Brazil Pantanal


Located in western Brazil, in the Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul states, the Pantanal region consists of an extensive network of wetlands. These wetlands are home to hundreds of different animal, bird, and plant species. The sight of the region alone is enough to take your breath away. Verdant green, peppered with pools of shimmering water stretches out as far as the eye can see. Overheard the cries of exotic birds form a sweet melody that soothes the senses. Mother Nature really went all out when she made this place. 


The Panatanal region expands out over 70,000 square miles and covers a huge swathe of Brazil as well as neighbouring Paraguay and Bolivia. However, the Amazon has long held the limelight as the go-to place for nature lovers, despite the Pantanal actually having the highest concentration of wildlife in the world. Of course, the benefit of choosing the Pantanal is that it is virtually unheard of outside of Brazil and therefore notably lacking in tourists. 


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What can you do in the Pantanal region?


This part of Brazil is nature at its finest. As such, the range of activities here all involve being out in nature in some way, shape or form. Birdwatching is one of the most popular activities here. Hundreds of different birds toting a huge variety of colors soar through the skies and settle in the swamps here so bring your binoculars and a good camera. 


But, birds aren’t the only creatures you’ll be able to spot in these wetlands. Among the dozens of different land animals are jaguars, monkeys, giant anteaters, and green anacondas, the largest snakes in the world, which prey on wild pigs! In the water swim vicious piranhas and other tropical fish species. You could easily spend days on end simply admiring the wealth of wildlife in the wetlands. 


For something a little more active, there is ample opportunity for kayaking, canoeing and riding through the water in a motorboat. Most of the wetlands are privately owned but the Parque Nacional do Pantanal Matogrossense, a huge national park in the southwest part of the region, is open to the public. 


Pantanal Tours


How do you get to the Pantanal region?


That’s a very good question. There are no towns in the Pantanal region and barely any people due to the prolific swampland. Because of this there is just one main road that runs into the Pantanal: the Transpanteira. This dirt road is often underwater and far from the most desirable road to travel along. Most people in the region get around in small aircraft or travel across the water by boat. 


Peralta Pantanal Cruise


What's the best way to tour the Pantanal?


The Peralta Pantanal cruise explores some of the most beautiful parts of this unique ecosystem. Not only will passengers be able to enjoy this UNESCO World Heritage site close up but they will be able to do so in perfect comfort. The boat consists of ten exquisite cabins, decked out with plush furniture and full length windows, giving you the best view out onto the water. A rooftop pool and sunbathing area, and a restaurant serving gourmet food add the finishing touches to this stellar vessel. 


If you want to uncover the magic of the vast Pantanal region’s wetlands then there is no better way to do it than by river cruise. You’ll get up close and personal with the extensive wildlife found here and do so in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. So, what are you waiting for? For more information about booking a Pantanal Tour or Cruise, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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