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Peruvian Ceviche - The Proud Dish of a Latin American Nation

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Rumored to have originated in Peru almost 2000 years ago, this mouth-watering Peruvian plate has become a celebrated triumph in Latin American culture. It is a fundamental element of the exotic and diverse cuisine offered in the vivid world of Peru. Out of the 491 acclaimed national dishes, this one might just be the best. 

Peruvian Ceviche

What Is Ceviche?

Served chilled and always freshly prepared, this dish is typically loaded with citrus, chili, red onion, cilantro and not to mention the backbone of the plate - fish. Constructing this divine meal is something Peruvians have mastered over time. Its reputation has grown enormously, seeing well-respected chefs such as Martin Morales making Ceviche an international pleasure, selling his refined take on the recipe inside the heart of London’s prestigious Soho Square. However, Peru will always argue that the best Ceviche is found within their very streets! Natives are constantly buzzing with energy and relentless enthusiasm, dying to share their expertise through their knowledge and cultivated skills of cooking.  

Peruvian Food

Where Will I Find the Best Ceviche?

You will find some of the best Ceviche locations are not necessarily what you would always expect. In the streets of Peru, the exuberant markets are the unsurpassable spots. Whether you’re strolling around Mercado de Surquillo in Lima, or dining at family owned restaurant along Peru’s coast, we can guarantee you will not be disappointed. Traditionally eaten at lunchtime with an estimated 250 calories per serving, this nutritious dish will leave you feeling revitalized and satisfied every time. Where food is essentially treated as a religion, Peru’s Ceviche is truly an unparalleled feast for the gastronomically motivated traveler. There are tons of options in Peru to be taught first hand the craft of making wonderful Peruvian dishes. You will find tons of offers when traveling or even exploring cooking classes in Lima online. We even have our very own blog for those of you who aren’t in the heartland of Peru, for how to make Peruvian Ceviche at home.

Traditional ceviche is from Peru’s ocean coast, however, with the Amazon River and the freshest ingredients in the rainforest, the Amazon has its own version of ceviche that you will have the pleasure of tasting aboard an Amazon River cruise. The below photo is an Amazonian ceviche served on board the Delfin Amazon Cruises.

Peruvian Ceviche

How to Spice Up Your Life in Lima

Ceviche is not the only dish or style of food in Peru with a high profile. If you find yourself traveling through the capital of Lima, you can discover Peruvian Chifa in Lima’s Chinatown, take a gander at the popular Huaca Pucllana restaurant and ruins. This restaurant is conveniently nestled away in one of the most picturesque ruins found in Lima. For those of you interested take a look at the top ten Peruvian dishes, make a list and tick them off as you travel! We recommend taking full advantage of your time here as you will discover ingredients unlike what you will find in the rest of the world. Peru’s cuisine has been rated among the best food in the world for seven successive years and trust us, after you explore the best restaurants in Lima you will understand exactly why! 

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