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Pisac Ruins

  |   Cusco & Sacred Valley

The Pisac Ruins have been a point of interest for visitors to Peru for a long time. Their mystic charm captivates the heart and soul of all who visit, so what are you waiting for?


When it comes to untapped natural beauty there are few places on earth that can compete with the Sacred Valley in Peru. Vivid green slopes blend into rugged peaks, capped with snow and flank the plunging valley that runs through the region. It is truly a wonder to behold and is even more incredible to explore in person.


The main city in the Sacred Valley is Cusco, which has gained fame among tourists as a springboard for visiting Machu Picchu. As a result of its proximity to this world wonder, Cusco is lively and filled with the energy of thousands of curious travellers. This means that those seeking a bit of tranquillity need to go further afield – and where better to set up camp for a couple of days than the gorgeous town of Pisac.


Pisac Ruins

Exploring the Pisac Ruins


From the main square in Pisac, you must walk along a 4km uphill trail to reach the ruins. It is a tough climb but entirely worth it for what you will see on arrival. It is unknown exactly when the ruins were built but there is a consensus that it was around the mid-1400s. If this is the case then the ruins were most likely built by Pachucuti as a symbol of victory.


The ruins themselves are divided up in to four different sections. Each section is made up of different elements, including the Temple of the Sun and some agricultural terraces that are still in use. There is plenty to see here so make sure you give yourself several hours to take it all in before you make the journey home.


Pisac Peru

Visitor Information


The opening hours of the Pisac Ruins are not set in stone. They generally tend to be from dawn until dusk, which means that they will stay open for longer in the summer months. We recommended visiting the ruins early in the day. The entry fee is 130 soles (US$40) or 70 soles (US$21.50) with a student card. For this you will receive a tourist ticket (Boleto Turistico del Cusco), which will allow you to enter a total of 16 different archaeological sites in the Sacred Valley. The ticket is valid for 10 days and is an excellent and cost-effective way to explore Peru’s most fascinating sites.


sacred valley peru tour

How to Get to the Pisac Ruins


The Sacred Valley is one of the most scenic places on earth. Mountains and rivers carve up the landscape in every direction, making for some beautiful photos. We can arrange a tour of Pisac for you as part of your Cusco and Sacred Valley Tour. Pisac is located about 60 min North-East of Cusco. There are public buses that take this route, however we recommend travelling by private car as the buses are not very formal, and might take alternative routes, depending on the day. It may be easy to get lost if you're not familiar with the area and the Spanish language. 


what to do in pisac peru

What Else to Do in Pisac


If you can time your visit to Pisac so as to be there on a Sunday, you will be able to experience Pisac’s wonderful Sunday market. Here, you can buy all kinds of trinkets and souvenirs as well as jewellery and clothes. Try out your haggling skills while you’re there and see if you can snag a bargain.


Of course, there are plenty of hiking routes here – some marked and some you can discover for yourself. And, when you get hungry, there are a number of Peruvian restaurants in the main plaza serving delicious, authentic food at a deliciously low price.


The Pisac Ruins might not be classed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World but they should absolutely be on your to-do list if you are heading to the Sacred Valley. With far fewer tourists than Machu Picchu and just as much history, they make for an intimate and exciting experience. For more information please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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