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Rainforest Trust

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The tropical rainforests of the world affect every single person on the planet. You might not live anywhere near a rainforest but you will probably use products that come from one. Keeping the rainforests alive and healthy is important for everyone on the planet and is becoming a more and more pressing matter by the day. Rainforests are one of our most important natural resources and we need to take care of them. 


Here at Rainforest Cruises we take the wellbeing of the rainforest very seriously. We understand the role it plays in the lives of humans and animals alike and we want to do everything we can to look after it. In order to make as great an impact as possible we have become a member of the Rainforest Trust, an organization designed to protect the rainforest and its ecosystems.


Rainforest Trust

An Overview of the Rainforest Trust


The Rainforest Trust describes itself as “a world leader in the protection of tropical ecosystems and wildlife”. To surmise briefly how it works, the Rainforest Trust buys land in the most threatened tropical forests. This stops loggers and other polluting and deforesting forces getting hold of it. Once it has the land in its possession it establishes partnerships with local communities and engages them in conservation projects. 


The Trust prides itself on making sure that 100% of every project gift they receive goes directly to fund vital conservation action. 


Rainforest Conservation

How Does it Work?


The Rainforest Trust partners with local communities that have spent their entire lives in the rainforest and therefore know it intimately. The trust also works with local and national governments who know their way around policies and regulations. Using this expertise, the trust is then able to pinpoint vulnerable areas as well as critical sites for endangered species and work out how best to go about protecting them. 


Once an area has been identified for protection, time is of the essence and the trust needs to move fast if it wants to save that patch of land. Conservation plans are made and put into action as quickly as possible. There is a strong focus in resilience and sustainability when making these plans. Once everything is in place the Rainforest Trust raises the funds it needs to execute them.


Once the plan has been implemented the mission continues. It is then important to maintain the project and to keep the conservation going. This means engaging communities on a long-term basis and training individuals to become wildlife monitors, ecotourism guides, and forest guards. Not only does this protect the rainforest, but it also offers valuable job opportunities to the local people who live in and depend on the rainforest.


Amazon Conservation Project



The Rainforest Trust is currently running all kinds of projects in various parts of the world. In Peru they work all over the Amazon Rainforest and the Andes Mountain region. One particularly noteworthy project is the Sierra de la Minas Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala. This is one of the largest cloud forests in Central America and is the home of a number of endemic bird, plant and amphibian species. Originally, 11,000 acres of land were bought at just $4 an acre. This then grew and became the 600,000 acre reserve we can see today. 


Another important project consists of conservation work done in the Magdalena Valley Rainforest in Colombia. The area has a wonderful diversity of mammals, birds, amphibians, and plants but, unfortunately, a number of these are now threatened. The Magdalena spider money is one such endangered animal that the Rainforest Trust is working to protect. 



As you can see, the Rainforest Trust is doing some incredible work in an area that is in real danger. We are truly honored to be a member of such an incredible organization and would encourage all of our customers to get involved with its conservation in any way they can.

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