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Relais & Chateaux - Origin and Theory Galapagos Cruise

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You may know Relais & Chateaux for their incredible global presence as a luxury hotel and gourmet restaurant provider. However, what you may not know about this cultivated organization is that in recent years they have also expanded their large fellowship to cover luxury cruise ships. Their five C ethos, ‘Character, Courtesy, Calm, Charm and Cuisine’ has ensured the highest level of excellence and supreme satisfaction for their customers worldwide - features very much mirrored in their hand-picked exquisite vessels. Read on below to learn more about the Origin and Theory Galapagos Cruise.

Relais and Chateaux The Cruise Journeys of a Lifetime

I Love Relais & Chateux, But What Do They Have to Do With Cruises?

Since establishing their company in France 1954, Relais & Chateux have imprinted their luxurious brand on our world, including a duo of the amazing vessels we provide access to here at Rainforest Cruises: The Origin and Theory luxury expedition yachts. A couple of boats that have been part of our fleet for a little while now, these luxury expedition yachts sail all year round throughout the gorgeous Galapagos Islands

Refining your wish list from the pre-existing 550 Relais & Chateux options can prove to be difficult, but for anyone searching for an unforgettable luxury experience, you might just reach your peak with this one! Just one year ago in 2018, the Origin and Theory became the first boats ever to become a part of the Relais & Chateux reservoir in the Galapagos. With over 60 countries on their current checklist, this makes Ecuador just another sought after R&C vacation destination. Every component of these vessels has been thought out carefully to provide quality comfort, safety and sustainability alongside the highest standard of accommodation. Luxury amenities are combined with enviable charm and style for the full Relais & Chateaux experience. 

Origin Galapagos Cruise

Just one of the many outstanding and unique features of these boats is their generous open bar policy. On journeys with the Origin or Theory you can choose to enjoy unlimited white, red and sparkling wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks 24 hours a day. So now you know you can afford to truly relax between activities on the islands, sitting back with a top quality beverage on the boats sundeck - or even in the on board jacuzzi. Their elegant dining rooms, adorned with marble table tops and unparalleled dining service will have you feeling just as though you are in a Relais & Chateux restaurant. Your culinary ride will be no less than mind-blowing, as expert chefs on board utilize their full arsenal of locally sourced ingredients to create creative dishes for you. Delfin Amazon Cruises were the catalyst to this beautiful partnership after their joining with the lavish chain back in 2017.

Origin Galapagos Cruise

What Can I Expect on My Origin and Theory Journey?

We guarantee that taking a trip aboard the Origin or Theory will leave you nothing but speechless. For 20 passengers at a time, these sister ships treat guests with naturalist expert guides and a multitude of activities. The expeditions available will allow you to scour this UNESCO world heritage site up close and personal. Coming up close to 200 years after Darwin himself sailed the HMS Beagle to the Galapagos Islands, you too could walk in his very footsteps, magnificently cruising aboard either Origin or Theory. Take your chance to walk along pristine beaches, hike along volcanic lava and catch a glimpse of rare wildlife up close, including the eccentric blue-footed boobies! You will observe the extraordinary marine conditions via glass-bottom boat, snorkeling, kayaking or even stand-up paddle boarding. For voyagers who are looking for the ultimate experience, look no further than the Relais & Chateux experience. 

Galapagos Islands Vacations

Take Your Chance to Explore the Galapagos Islands

Here at Rainforest Cruises we offer a range of cruises through the Galapagos Islands. You will experience Ecuador like you wouldn’t imagine when traveling on our selection of superior Relais & Chateux. Our experts sales team can happily help you organize every detail of your trip. You can even scour our Galapagos cruise deals page for up to date exclusive discounts! If you are interested in booking with us, please contact our team to see what we can offer you; send us an enquiry or call 1-888-215-3555

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