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Restaurants in Cusco, Peru: Part 1

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You might have heard that Peru is home to the best food in South America. Whoever told you this is absolutely correct. What originally started as an emerging culinary scene with top-notch restaurants in Lima has spread like wildfire through the rest of the country, making Peru the King of Cuisine.


Peruvian food is actually pretty incredible. Full of enticing flavours and fragrances, it is sure to have you drooling on the table. But, the best thing about eating in Peru is the diversity of its restaurants. We are going to take a look at some of the best restaurants in Cusco – a city that receives huge numbers of tourists every year. Here, you will find dozens of places serving authentic Peruvian fare as well as a whole host of international and fusion restaurants.


Best Restaurants in Cusco: Part 1


best restaurants in cusco


1. Morena Peruvian Kitchen

Located near the Plaza del Armas, Morena Peruvian Kitchen takes on a contemporary twist with it's decor and menu. The interior décor is stunning and quirky – a good sign of things to come. If you can find a Peruvian to take you to this place even better. The menu features a number of plates that are basically a modern take on a traditional dish. Having someone to explain what everything is will come in handy when it comes to ordering. Try the anticuchos if you’re feeling adventurous or the aeropuerto if you’re hungry.



2. Organika

The motto in Organika is quality over quantity. This means that this is not the kind of place you should go if you are starving hungry. The food they serve is delicious, locally sourced and delightfully presented but the portions are not huge. Nevertheless, what you do get is worth every penny. The theme for the food here is healthy, Peruvian-Western fusion. The dishes are creative and made with love and they are very vegetarian-friendly.


Green Point Vegan Food


3. Green Point - Vegan Food

Green Point is the only place you need to know if you’re on the hunt for some quality vegetarian or vegan food. For 15 soles (US$4.60) you can get the lunch deal (menu del día), which consists of a salad bar, starter, main, dessert and drink. Not bad for less than $5. If the lunch deal doesn’t appeal to you then there is a full menu for you to peruse and choose from.



4. Jack's Cafe - All Day Breakfast

Jack's Cafe is everyone's favorite go-to spot for breakfast and brunch. Huevos Rancheros, Bacon & Egg Sandwich, Caramelized Banana Pancakes, Strawberry & Banana French Toast are just a few of the most popular all-day breakfast dishes. There are also plenty of hearty sandwiches, salads, burgers, coffee and fresh juices. 


5. Inka Grill

Everyone needs a bit of Peruvian comfort food every now and again and Inka Grill does this to perfection. On their menu you will International pasta dishes, pizzas, vegetarian options, desserts and traditional Peruvian cuisine. Here, you can try Alpaca steak, Quinoa Soup, Cuy (Peruvian Guinea Pig), among others.



6. Pankracio - Hearty Sandwiches

Peruvians love their sandwiches and they know how to do them well. Pankracio serves up delicious sandwiches of monstrous proportions. The menu is not extensive but they have everything you could want and more. Choose from lomo saltado (stir-fried beef), chicharron (pork belly), chicken, chorizo or vegetarian and get ready for a taste sensation. You certainly won’t be hungry after a meal here.


There are so many more worthwhile restaurants in Cusco that we will have to save the others for another blog post. Stay tuned! For more information about booking a Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu tour, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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