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Sacha Lodge Ecuador

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Deep in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon is the Sacha Lodge, which spreads out over 5,000 acres of pristine jungle. If there was ever a place to disconnect from the world and be at one with nature, this is it. Here, you can wake up to the distant cries of monkeys swinging from the canopy and fall asleep under a never-ending blanket of stars.


Sacha Lodge Ecuador


About the Sacha Lodge


Although the lodge seems remote and a million miles from the outside world, from Quito, all it takes to get there is a 25 minute flight and a two hour boat journey along the beautiful Napo River. Leave in the morning and you will be breathing in the fresh jungle air by lunchtime.


The Sacha Lodge has been specifically designed to blend in with its natural surroundings. In fact, you could be forgiven for forgetting the lodge wasn’t built by Mother Nature herself. The main area of the lodge is a wooden lounge space with a thatched reed roof that sits on top of the Pilchicocha Lake. Attached to the building is a unique lake swimming pool where adults and children can cool off from the heat of the rainforest.


Sacha Lodge


Part of the ethos of the Sacha Lodge is that adventure should not have to mean sacrificing comfort or luxury. There are 26 rooms in the lodge, each made with sustainable wood and boasting plush furnishings that guarantee visitors a good night’s sleep. Each room also has a private bathroom, complete with a fully functioning toilet and hot shower. During your down time there is a hammock on the terrace where you can relax with a book or simply enjoy the views. While Sacha Lodge encourages all of its guests to switch off during their stay, naturally this is not always an option. Those who need to stay connected can join the lodge’s WiFi network in the common areas of the lodge.


When hunger strikes, the lodge’s restaurant has got you covered. The chefs source their ingredients locally and combine traditional recipes with a modern twist to create gastronomic delights that never fail to impress. With an a la carte menu filled with fresh, sumptuous dishes, you will be spoiled for choice. Fish, meat, pasta and vegetarian dishes are all available as are lighter bites. Once you’ve finished eating, nothing beats retiring to the bamboo bar for a drink with the other guests in the lodge.


Amazon Jungle Lodges


Of course, the lodge itself is just one element of your Amazon adventure with Sacha Lodge. The lodge has a variety of programs available that allow visitors to explore the rainforest and spot some of its most majestic wildlife. Each day starts with a fresh, nutritious breakfast bright and early in the morning. From there, your guides will take charge and lead you through the day’s activities. You might spend the morning in a canoe, admiring the flora and keeping and eye out for ocelots and marmosets. Then in the afternoon you may be taken to the beautiful canopy walkways that stretches almost 300 metres through the treetops. Every day holds a new adventure for the guests at the Sacha Lodge.


Amazon River Lodge


Even when you aren't on an excursion, wildlife lives in harmony with the lodge. From your terrace you will be able to spot multi-colored birds perched in the treetops and caimans gliding slowly through the water. For the duration of your stay, you will live among the animals. You will develop a deep respect for the incredible biodiversity that makes the Amazon Rainforest the foremost destination for wildlife spotting in the world.


A vacation to the Sacha Lodge in Ecuador is not your regular vacation. You will encounter animals you never even knew existed and sample flavors that will blow your mind. Every day you will learn more about your natural surroundings as you journey through the rainforest. Get ready for a vacation that will steal your breath away on a daily basis. For more information about the Sacha Lodge Ecuador, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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