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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia - The Largest Salt Flats in the World

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Bolivia is home to countless interesting and unique factors such as the worlds highest capital city, La Paz, situated at an altitude of 11,910 ft! Amongst the 11 million residents there are over 30 official languages and native cultures. Producing numerous agricultural items, Bolivia has become famous for its soybeans, coffee, coca, rice and timber. However, nothing is more distinguished than the Salar de Uyuni slat flats, the largest salt flats in the entire world. You are probably familiar with them if you know anyone that has ever travelled across Bolivia. Notorious for the iconic travel-style photographs, this place has made a mark on every globetrotters’ South American map.

Salar de Uyuni

How to Arrive at the Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats

You can reach the Salar de Uyuni salt flats via air and land, with options to fly by plane, or take a more traditional route via train or bus. All tickets can be booked online in advance. For curious planners, you can get useful assistance on Rome2Rio. Alternatively, if you enquire at your current hotel/hostel, generally administrators will arrange the tickets for you for a small increased fee. Despite being remotely located, generally speaking, most major cities in Bolivia are connected and within reasonable distance of Uyuni. Bus journeys are undoubtedly the cheapest form of travel in almost any location. Specifically, from La Paz, this journey will take you around 8-12 hours. With options for different quality of bus or coach, the prices do vary; make sure you consider your budget before booking! If time is tight in your schedule, local flights embark from La Paz every day,  however you will be looking at around 6x the price for a 1 hour flight. Train enthusiasts can take time to roam in from Oruro, Sucre and Tupiza, lasting 7, 8 and 9 hours respectively. It is safe to say, no matter where you are in Bolivia you will have an easy way of getting to Salta, even if it takes the best part of your day/night. We can guarantee you will reap the rewards when you catch a glimpse of this vast land. 

Bolivia Salt Flats

Details to Know Before You Go

Salar de Uyuni is positioned at 12,000 ft above sea level. Altitude will effect 99.9% of travelers, commonly causing sickness and dizziness. In order to combat this, make sure you shop around for local coca products. Staying well hydrated always contributes to keeping you in tip-top condition when traveling. If you have a slightly more flexible schedule, we recommend staying in Uyuni for a day or two before undertaking your trip. You can spend some time in the small city, paying visits to the street markets, archeological museum and mystifying train cemetery. For those of you researching your voyage as you read, please pay attention to one more important factor - timing. The time of year will depict exactly what weather you cam expect in Bolivia; with an annual rainfall of over 5000mm, it is categorized as one of the wettest countries on the globe. Undoubtedly, climate will alternate in relation to altitude. Nevertheless, the best period of the year to visit is during shoulder season - October and November. Not only is this great for budget hunters (prices drop after the high season), but it is renowned as the most climate friendly time to visit the Salar de Uyuni salt flats. The weather becomes more reliable, which makes transits and excursions easier. This also allows you to ensure that all of your holiday pictures are as fun and flawless as possible!

Boliva Uyuni Tours

Thinking About Scouring the Native Lands of Bolivia?

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