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Scalesia Lodge Galapagos

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Ever since Darwin first stepped foot on the Galapagos Islands in 1835, this archipelago has been enchanting nature-lovers and explorers alike. Teeming with endemic wildlife, including century-old tortoises, the archipelago is unlike anywhere else in the world with regards to the wildlife it boasts. There are few travel bucket lists out there that the Galapagos Islands don’t feature on. Below we'll highlight Scalesia Lodge Galapagos, an excellent option for those who are prone to sea seasickness and prefer to stay on land during their big Galapagos adventure. 


Just off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos archipelago is made up of 20 islands – 13 major and 7 minor. Each island has its own unique selling point and visitors are advised to visit as many as they can during their trip to maximise their experience. Some islands are better for spotting animals, others are better known for their striking scenery. Whichever island you find yourself on, you are guaranteed to see or do something incredible.


Scalesia Lodge Galapagos


Scalesia Galapagos Lodge


For those who would like to steer clear of cruises, The Scalesia Galapagos Lodge is one of the more luxurious accommodations on offer and is situated on Isabela Island – the largest of the Galapagos Islands. Despite its size, Isabela is far more tranquil than nearby Santa Cruz and San Cristóbal and is a great place to cut your teeth before hopping to some of the other islands.


The Scalesia Lodge sits high up in the middle of a dense forest, on the slopes of one of the island’s volcanoes. From this vantage point, guests can overlook the verdant foliage that surrounds them and enjoy spectacular vistas of the Pacific Ocean and Isabela’s white sand coastline. Not another human noise can be heard for miles around, save those from other guests, allowing visitors to fall asleep to the faint sounds of animal calls and the ocean breeze in the trees.


Scalesia Galapagos Lodge


Each party at the lodge is given their own tent to live in – but don’t let the word tent fool you into thinking this is a glorified campsite. These enormous tents are 570 square foot and are equipped with plush double beds and en-suite bathrooms. They are also decorated with a light colour scheme, complimented by wooden furniture.


In addition to the private rooms, there are three communal areas where guests can relax with a book or mingle before turning in for the night. Alternatively, visitors can spend their down time exploring the 40 acres of grounds that surrounds the safari-style tent lodgings.


Galapagos Scalesia Lodge


Naturally, travellers come to the Galapagos Islands in order to see some exotic animals and the Scalesia Lodge makes a great base from which to do so. In addition to the activities and excursions arranged by the lodge, guests can drive 20 minutes to Puerto Villamil, the island’s main town, and spend the day checking out the Galapagos wildlife there.


Puerto Villamil features numerous beaches and lagoons, which are inhabited by pink flamingos, common stilts, whimbrels, white-cheeked pintails, and gallinules. Other creatures that can be spotted on this island include marine iguanas, Nazca boobies, Galapagos sea lions, penguins and giant tortoises. For those interested in snorkelling, you may well see sting rays, white tip reef sharks and an array of colourful tropical fish.



If one day you want to do something different, there are some interesting sites to see on Isabela Island. The Wall of Tears is one such site. This wall is a remnant of the work of the prisoners who were kept on the island between the 1920s and 1950s. It can be reached by walking for two hours along the scenic coastal road that fringes many of the island’s beaches.


Travellers to Isabela might also be interested in checking out the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center. The aim of this center is to repopulate the island with five unique tortoise sub-species. The work is incredibly important and is part of many initiatives across the archipelago to preserve and protect the Galapagos wildlife.


Galapagos Lodges


At the end of a busy day, travellers can return to the comfort of the Scalesia Lodge and enjoy a meal in the hotel’s restaurant. The gourmet food here showcases the highlights of South American cuisine and will leave you feeling full and satisfied before you drift off in your tent.


Those looking to be at one with nature during their trip to the Galapagos Islands need look no further than the all-inclusive Scalesia Galapagos Lodge. Fully immersed in the rugged wilderness of Isabela island, there is no better place for letting your worries evaporate and appreciating the great outdoors. For more information about booking the Scalesia Lodge with Rainforest Cruises, please contact us or call 1-888-215-2555.

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