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Seasons in Cambodia

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Cambodia is a mainstay on the Southeast Asian traveling route with year-round travel friendly seasons. Wedged between Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos, Cambodia is right in the heart of Southeast Asia. Influenced by its rich cultural heritage and turbulent history, the country is a fascinating place to explore. From its dense jungles, glittering coastline that slopes into the Gulf of Thailand and the mighty Mekong River, there is wonder and mystery to be found around every corner. While Vietnamese and Thai food have made it big on the global cuisine scene, Cambodian or Khmer gastronomy hasn’t had quite the same widespread fame. This is a shame for people who haven’t visited Cambodia as they will never know the true delights of fish amok and lok lak. In addition to its food, Cambodia will blow you away with its array temples and ruins, particularly those found at the iconic Angkor Wat site.  Cambodia has just about everything you could want from a vacation destination, even great weather.

Weather and Seasons in Cambodia

The Weather in Cambodia

So, you’ve made up your mind to venture to Cambodia. You’ve got an itinerary vaguely forming in your head and you’ve already planned what you’re going to pack. Stop right there. Before you go any further, you should take a look at Cambodia’s weather patterns and make sure you book your trip at a sensible time. Cambodia is divided into two seasons: wet and dry. In this article we will break down the pros and cons of traveling in each season so you can make an informed decision about when is the best time for you to jet off to Cambodia. 

Seasons in Cambodia

The Wet Season: April - October, Low Season

From mid-April until October, Cambodia experiences its wet season. The wet season is a result of the Southwest monsoon, which blows from May to October, bringing with it rain! This means that there could be a short downpour daily. These rains could be heavy, so you will have to be indoors during this time! Fortunately, these showers rarely last more than about half an hour, so if you time your day well, you can use that time to grab some food or sip a coffee while you wait for it to pass. Once the shower has gone, you’ll be able to enjoy blue skies and brilliant sunshine. The temperature often soars during the wet seasons, reaching the high 80s (27 degrees celsius) at some points. 

While the rain can be annoying, there are advantages to traveling in the wet season. As it is off-season, flights and accommodation will be cheaper and there will be fewer crowds to elbow through when you go sight-seeing. On top of that, the wet season is also nicknamed the ‘green season’ due to the fact that the landscape gets hydrated by the rain and flourishes in shades of lush green. 

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The Dry Season: November - April , Peak Season

As the name suggests, the dry season, which runs from November until mid-April, sees very little rainfall. This is a result of the dusty northeast monsoon, when it arrives it dries out the country fast. The sun shines day in, day out, although the temperatures are a little lower than in the wet season. However, this can be a blessing as the it stays around the 70s making it warm enough to explore Vietnam’s incredible nature, but not so hot as to be unbearable. You’ll also find that the humidity in the wet season is lower so you won’t be soaked in sweat the moment you leave your air-conditioned room.

The dry season is the most popular time to travel, but this comes with some challenges. Prices soar during this period, and crowds swell as people flock to the good weather. This can dampen the experience somewhat if you feel you are always crammed in between hordes of other travelers. 

Rest assured that you will have an incredible vacation whenever you choose to visit Cambodia. Take note of the differences between the seasons and pick one that suits your travel needs. For more information please contact a travel specialist at Rainforest Cruises or call us at 1-888-215-3555.

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