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Skylodge Peru

  |   Cusco & Sacred Valley

You could go to Peru and stay in a standard hotel in the centre of Cusco. You could even stay in a small homestay if you wanted a more authentic experience. You could find a country retreat where you can spend your days in complete tranquillity, broken only by the sounds of nearby grazing alpacas. These are all great accommodation options, but for adventure enthusiasts, they pale in comparison with the Skylodge Adventure Suites. 


skylodge peru


Perched on the side of a steep cliff, deep within the Sacred Valley, is the Skylodge. Three transparent capsule suites have been fastened to the rugged mountain and decked out with luxurious furnishings to delight Skylodge visitors. Guests at the Skylodge will call this capsule home during their stay and from their room they will have panoramic views out over one of the most beautiful places on earth: the Sacred Valley.


How Do I Get to the Skylodge?


The Skylodge is located around 10 minutes outside of the town of Ollantaytambo (known as Ollanta for short). Most people heading to Ollanta will start in Cusco, the main city in Andean Peru and a springboard for exploring the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and the Valley’s gorgeous villages. 


Cusco Peru Skylodge


From Cusco, the easiest way to get to Ollantaytambo is to hop in a colectivo (minivan). This costs a few dollars and will take around 2.5 hours. The colectivos leave from Avenida Grau, just outside of the city centre. Timings can be a little vague with colectivos as the general idea is that the minivan won’t leave until it is full. If you are the last passenger to board the colectivo then it will leave the second you’re in. If there are still loads of empty seats then you may have to wait for a bit while these are filled. 

We can also arrange a private transfer for your from your Cusco tour to the Skylodge.


Sky Lodge Peru


How Do I Get Into My Capsule?


Once you arrive at the site of the Skylodge there is still a bit of work to do. Guests have two options for getting into their capsule. The first is to climb the via ferrata. This will involve you being strapped to a steel cable for safety before you’re let loose on the side of the mountain. You will the have to climb up the sheer face of the cliff for 400m. It sounds daunting but it’s utterly exhilarating and a lot of fun. It’s also not too difficult so anyone can do it, regardless of their fitness level. 


Option number two is to take a zip line to your capsule. This means you will soar over the Sacred Valley, suspended from a steel cable. There are seven ziplines altogether, each one providing plenty of adrenaline-pumping excitement. 


Peru Skylodge


What Happens When I’m There?


Once you have arrived and are settled in your capsule, you’re time is yours to do as you please. Curl up with a good book or gaze out across the valley with your loved one in your arms. The accommodation package includes breakfast as well as a gourmet dinner with wine. If there’s one meal you won’t forget in your lifetime it is the one you ate whilst suspended over the Sacred Valley. Each capsule also features its own private bathroom, equipped with a dry ecological toilet, which is separated from the bedroom.


In the morning, you might want to set an alarm for dawn so that you can watch the sun rise over the valley floor. Watching the first rays of morning light illuminate the spectacular scenery is truly magical and will enhance your already incredible experience. From your unique vantage point, not dissimilar to that of a condor’s nest, you will be able to take in the entire panoramic vista of the Sacred Valley. This makes for some outstanding photos!


There’s a lot of beauty to be found in the Sacred Valley and a night in the Skylodge capsule is the perfect way to take it all in from the comfort of your own bed. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to do during your vacation in Peru then the Skylodge should definitely be on your to-do list. For more information about booking a Cusco, Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley tour with Skylodge Peru, contact us or call 1-888-215-3555


*Please note that availability at the Skylodge is limited and often sells out ahead of time. If you are thinking about booking this trip, please send us a message to ask about available dates. 

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